How to pull off an excellent interview

A job interview becomes much easier when one knows what to do in an interview following are some tips which can help one to pull off an excellent interview.
An interview does not only refer to answering job related question in an interview over all personality of one who is giving interview in judged on the basis of how one looks, how he speaks, how he moves and is he qualified enough to for this job.
What to wear in an interview?
As far as the question of what to wear is concerned one should always go for an outfit in which he does not feel uncomfortable at all, which does not mean that one can go to an interview in his night clothes all he has to do is to take out a comfortable and decent looking outfit which makes him look organized.
 One should go for comfortable but decent looking shoes and avoid wearing too bright or too glittery accessories.
How to work on body language in an interview?
 Body language is one of the most important thing to work on as it defines your over all personality and amount of confidence you have in yourself so one should try to sit with straight shoulders and avoid crossing arms around the chest or waist as it will make you look not so liberal and flexible one should also avoid moving hands too much or waving them around ones face.
 One can sit with his hands locked comfortably in his lap or on the table, other things which are important to avoid includes yawning, scratching eyes and other facial parts and orifices.
Frequently asked question in an interview:
                Answering the questions asked in an interview is the key to get hired but it requires capability to analyze a question and answer it in a way the hirer is looking for. Following are some questions which are frequently asked in an interview and there solutions.
Tell me about yourself?
                              This question is very much frequently asked one can answer this question by telling what he has written in his resume like his educational background his previous professional experiences and his hobbies and interests this will help him keeping the answer brief and on topic.
                            At the same time one should avoid going to personal details about oneself and mentioning events or stories which has nothing to do with the job.
Why should we hire you?
          In answer to this question one can talk about his experiences or the educational
Background which is related to the job, one can also focus on how he understands the problems which are currently faced by the company and hoe they can be solved on the other hand avoid answering question with another question and avoid giving lame statements like because you are hiring or because you are offering this job etc.
What are your strengths?
                              To answer this question one has to be aware of the job description and then he can join the dots together and focus on his those strengths which are required for the jobs for example if the job requires someone with good communication skills then you focus on communication skills as your strength also try to talk about your strength as a solution to their problems and do not be modest and under estimate yourself while answering this question.
What is your biggest professional weakness?
                            In answer to this question one should not mention the weakness only he should first talk a little about his weakness and then talk about what he does to overcome the weakness or one can also talk about a weakness which does not matters for the job he is interviewing for. Do not mention the weaknesses like lack of tolerance or not so good in time management as it will make you look not easy to work with.
Why you want to work here?
                                   One can tell them what one like about the job in particular like it could be anything related to the job like the product or service. Don’t give them answers like because you pay well or because you want to get an experience etc.
Why did you lost your last job?
If you were fired in answer to this question you can give them reasons like many of the people working there are laid off because of bad economy and if you have quit the job you can tell them your reason of quitting the job.
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Always begin with a professional or personal accomplishment which in any way is useful in the betterment of the job you are interviewing for and avoid mentioning personal accomplishments.
What are your salary expectations?
Before giving a direct answer to this question one should first ask the hirer about what they are offering as salary after that one can do his math quickly to tell the salary expectations.
All the above mention things are useful in pulling off an impressing interview and can help and individual to get a job of his choice. One should also practice a mock interview at home before appearing in an actual interview.

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