How to prepare for CSS?

CSS examination are one of the most important exams for the aspirants of CSS or for the people who desires to have a government job as a career  but when it comes to the point of preparation for the exams there are a thousand misconceptions on when and how to begin preparation for this exam.

Thousand of aspirants could not start to prepare for the exams as they are given misinformation that a person requires a year or more for preparing for this exam while in reality it requires duration of maximum six months and minimum three months.

But the aspirant needs to follow a simple rule of focusing on important things and skipping the less important things moreover he has to go by a time table it takes only a week and half to complete a subject if one studies for four hours a day.

Moreover the aspirant should consult reliable sources for their preparation they’ll have to select their books carefully and it would be better if they consult a person who has already appeared in exams before buying books. The books published by Jahangir and caravan publishers are considered reliable for a very long time.

One of the easiest ways to begin preparation is by joining a group. It is one of the most beneficial method for preparing for exam as the burden of collecting information gets divided and one get a chance to get on his weaknesses as weakness of one member can be a strength for other and by helping each other they can overcome their weaknesses.

For the preparation of subjects regarding current affairs one should read editorials one reliable newspaper daily it could be Dawn, the News, the Nation etc and to be further aware of politics and economy of the world one needs to consult a magazine like the economist on monthly basis. Currently world times magazine by Jahangir is recommended by Federal Public Service Commission which is a good source for information regarding current affairs one should start consulting the magazine for months before the exams.

Pass papers also play a significant role in preparation of the exams for the preparation of objectives one should go for pass papers of at least 20 years and for the subjective portion one should go through pass papers of at least past 7 to 10 years.

For clearing exams of CSS it is very important to have updated information of every subject to achieve this one should look for a competent academy. One should focus on a number of factors while choosing their academies these factors includes the amount of fee you are paying for as it is important to compare fee structures of two or three academies before opting for one.

One should also inquire the punctuality of the staff before joining academies as many academies usually begin their classes half an hour later than schedule time and cancel one or two classes on daily bases because of unavailability of the teachers.

Another factor which is very important to be checked is the level of guidance provided the academies for which one have to check if the faculty is qualified enough to teach the subjects for CSS or not because many academies does not have faculty specifically required to teach for CSS.

Moreover one should not forget to check if the academy is offering all the subjects opted by you as many academies does not offer all the optional subject usually political science is missed out from the list of offering subject of academies.

The final step of preparation is to give mock exams, as it is usually said that practice makes the man perfect likewise preparation for CSS requires practice. One should take all the tests scheduled by academies and give a mock exam at least once to test his preparation.

But most importantly one should stay goal oriented and avoid burdening himself by deviating from the main goal. One should select optional subjects carefully and have a complete faith in oneself and the God above as it is only your hard work and faith that can help you elevate.


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