How to Manage Job and Studies at the Same Time?

If you’re struggling in managing your studies and job at the same time, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Millions of students across the globe work partially to support their studies and other expenses. This not only gets you a good amount of cash but also the experience which you will require after the completion of your degree.

Now the question arises how on earth one can do a job with a hectic routine of studies? Is it possible? The answer is simple, it is absolutely possible and it is happening around you. You are just required to follow simple rules in order to manage both of the things at the same time.

Here are the methods how even you can handle a job and studies side by side.  

Plan and Prioritize

Success needs priorities of the things matter the most. You neither can make everyone happy nor achieve everything you desire. You’ll have to leave less important things in order to achieve more important tasks. Proper planning will help you finish your studies tasks in time or at least on time.

Time management is quite crucial in this matter and all of your planning and prioritizing depends upon investing your time in most important things.

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Do not Over-commit

One you start managing your time, the next step is to be careful about your commitments. Now you are quite aware of your capacities and capabilities (related to time) and making false commitments about which you’re not sure to complete will damage your image.

Identify your time and energy availability and try to avoid the commitments which you can’t complete, be it for boss, family, friends or girlfriend because unfulfilled commitments will disturb you mentally and you will b able to concentrate on your studies as well as work.

Keep Everyone Informed

If you’re studying and doing a job at the same time, the time will be the biggest issue you’ll face. Keeping everyone informed is the only solution. It includes your boos, friends and teachers because they’re directly concerned to you. There will be times when the routine will become tougher for you like exams or some project. If your boss is well informed about you, you can get a little bit relaxation during exam.

Teachers can also be helpful if you keep them informed about your job because it can be helpful in extending the deadlines or some other relations of this sort. The teachers do know that students at this stage need self support and taking a job is quite necessary. Your friends (batch mates) can also be helpful for you because they can teach you a certain missed or less understood chapter quite quickly, during the exams when you’re extremely exhausted because of shortage of time.

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Take a Break

Work and studies are important but taking a break and sparing some time for yourself is also necessary. Working and studying constantly will exhaust you and snatch your freshness. To concentrate more and work effectively, a fresh mind is vital. Your mind will also get tired if you keep on working without a break.

Don’t Fall Sick

Health is wealth and a healthy person can perform his duties well but a person having no studies besides his job can afford a light flu and fever but you absolutely cannot! Falling ill would be quite harmful for you and this will push you back in managing your tasks as well as studies because you won’t be able to concentrate. You cannot afford the sickness so take care of your health. Sleep well and eat properly.

Motivate Yourself

You achieve something when you come out of your comfort zone and struggle. Part time job not only gets you a few hundred bucks but also an experience which is the most important section of your resume while applying for a full time job. This job will also groom you and let you understand your industry as well. Keep on motivating yourself and write it on the walls of your brain that you are traveling in the right direction.

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