How to Increase IQ Levels: 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Intelligence

Did you think that you have low IQ level and you want to increase it for the exams, not only but in all the matters of your life? So, make this clear that not any human being is weak till he / she this so. In any case you have to do some practice and get that for which you must deserve. So read this guide complete we have brought you five very simple ways by adopting you can increase your IQ level.

1. Be A Man Of Renaissance

You have to develop the desire of taking into your personality. This desire can be describe as that you want to learn the knowledge, and this knowledge is about each and everything. You education is not only for the wealth, health, future, job, money but for all the phases of life. You have to study all the subjects including, mathematics, arts, history, psychology, science, languages and many more. You have to go deep inside of the subject. You have to learn the formats of thing and have to know why they are made this technique will increase you IQ level.

2. Play Chess And Other Brain Games

You must play the games like chess and other brain boosting games. These games will help to increase the worth of you mind. Try to play quiz and puzzle and solve the riddles. This is the era of IT and smart phones, we have best suggestion that you install the apps in your mobile of likes these games, play maximum and learn more. You have to play these games on regular basis, these will sharpen your mind and your problem solving ability will be increase.

3. Learn A New Instruments

Its very tough to learn new instruments. While learning new instrument you are giving exercise to your mind at maximum level. When are you are learning and playing instruments then your brain mathematical and altitudinal reasoning skills are increasing which will sharp your mind. So many people give their children various instrument in early child life either they like this or not it does not matter. The reason is that they know that this technique will help their children in mathematical and altitudinal reasoning skills boosting and will help them in the school life.

4. Learn A New Language

If we talk about language, then we can say that language can be use as tool. As much you practice on the tool for learning you have more grip on the tool how to operate this. Many of the Neuroscientists tell that, if you are learning any foreign language then it will increase your mind and growth of brain. It’s very tough for any person to learn new language. But if you start leaning the foreign language and try practice for this then in very short time you will have grip on this and you will learn new features of any language. Again, you can help from your smart phone, install the related language app and do practice on daily basis, solve the exercises and quizzes for best practice.

5. Think Creatively

Neural growth best practice of creative thinking. We suggest that if you want to sharp you mind or increase the IQ level then you have you change your thinking. All the dependency of you work or activity is based on thinking. Firstly you have to think just only positive points of the problem and after you have to think creatively about it.
Now when we are talking about creative thinking, it does not mean that you have to draw the beautiful painting and pictures of the problem. We are addressing about create thoughts. The ability of activity done in your mind with creative and unique thoughts. Your mind must be problem solving this is the best way to increase the IQ level and in life all your problem will be clear easily.


As we know the famous saying “practice makes a man perfect”. If you not practice to solve the issue then you get nothing. So this is suggested you to that you have to practice maximum, as there is no gain without pain, as these tips are also useful to better perform in class examinations.

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