How to improve your concentration while studying

Most of the students complain that they cannot fully concentrate on studies, their mind goes from one place to another and all over, expect on their studies. But it’s common that everyone has the ability of concentration.

Think about when your mind was totally engaged in something when you really enjoyed, it may be watching movie, playing game, reading book or something else. The basic tip is to make right plans that how to use natural abilities of concentrate on studies. We have create some strategies for students to create concentration on studies.

Getting started

  • Your study place choice can affect your level of concentration. Choose the place which is fully lighting and fresh, must be neat, well managed and pleasant to work. This will reduce the disturbance.
  • Leave your mobile phone away better to switch off.
  • If you like background music then ok but it will not make you disturbed.

Make a plan

  • Make a time table for the study, must be divided into parts, and strictly follow it.
  • Divide the tasks into parts, means a start and an end. Our brain know well, you can easily define the tasks which can be easily close or which can left in the midway.

Set goals for each study session

  • Before you start study, think what you are going to achieve after this.
  • Create a goal of study session mean in this session I have to complete this chapter or make assignment.
  • Set a time limit. Before you start, decide this, I have to complete this chapter in 30 mins or I have to done this assignment in 45 mins. Set time first then start you working.

Take breaks

It has been proven by the research

  • Remember this study in short periods and recall your learnings, as it’s has strong value as compared to long studies.
  • Learn well in the beginning and end of the study session.
    So, you have to study max 30-40 mins then have to take break for at least 10 mins.

Build in variety

  • You have to make different plans of study of various subjects and books, change these plans after few hours, this will help you to make mode change and boring chances become less.
  • Take breaks for study exercise, you can take also for housework. This method of change is peace and remove extra burden.

Just say 'Stop'

Examine yourself and you will find your thinking and thoughts are wandering, just say yourself ‘stop’. Bring your thoughts back to your studies on focus on that. In the start it will create difficulty in focus on study, but as many of session passes you will be able to focus on your studies for longer period.

If you find yourself still on the same point by using taking break method, then change the strategy to replace current topic or subject with another one.

Schedule worry time

Let yourself worry about time but decide it first when and how much time you are going to do this. So, when something make irritation while studying, or you feel yourself anxious about anything during the day, note all the thing and put them away, tell yourself all these stuff will be clear during my worry time.

Learn actively

You have to learn actively, to full concentrate and remember you lessons. The learners who are active, they always do something with, what they learnt, it may be included,

  • They make their own language for learning
  • The make a difference line between what they are learning new and what they already know.
  • Link new things in leaners with old one which already the know.
  • Apply their own method of learning new thing but all the situations, and
  • Utilize maximum new information and learnings.


Like many other skills, concertation for study can be increase and you can make it automatic. The main points for this you have to be constant. The above mention methods will definitely increase the power of concentration and you can win any solution, these will not only increase concentration power but also create a strong relationship between you and your studies and you can gain good grades in class examinations.

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