How to do a practice interview

Interview is stepping stone towards being hired while some interviews are very easy going and based on conventional form of interviewing the others can be super intimidating at the same time. In which you are not only trying to get a sense of your prospective boss, but also doing your best to make an implausible impression by flawlessly answering the hypothetical business problem questions.

One goes to an interview having a complete knowledge of the fact that the interview will have an impact on his future career so one tries to show the best side of his personality and professional wisdom during an interview.

However it is very important to go to an interview with complete preparation in this period of competition where a thousand apply for one job each trying to portray the best of himself in order to achieve the job. There are a number of interviewing techniques adopted by recruiters for hiring in some job one gets interviewed by a bench of board member and in some person being hired is interviewed by only one person.

Some companies adopts a technique of performing multiple interviews including basic level interview, intermediate level interview and the one in which high level skills and wisdom about the profession is judged through a number of questions.

The one technique that has been proven useful for many individual in passing an interview is conducting a number of practice interviews before appearing in an actual interview. The practice interview is a pretentious interview in which a person is judged similarly to an actual interview. He is asked the same kind of question and demanding answers for same hypothetical problems.

But if one wants to succeed by way of practicing interview then he should plan one similar to the actual interview and needs to follow a number of steps in order to plan a beneficial pretentious interview.

First you’ll have to find out about your week areas and find the ways to overcome it so even if you are asked about it in a practice interview you must know the answers you also have to google the frequently asked question in an interview for the job you are applying for and make a list of these questions.

After this step you need to search for the current challenges and problems faced by the business you are going to be a part of and how you can suggest the solution to those problems in the best manner possible.

After having a complete knowledge of the job you need to pick a person who can conduct your interview in a serious and professional manner that it feels like a real one, you can choose that person amongst your family, peer group, teachers etc.

The next step that is required is to set a scene, create a scene of real interview you can conduct it by means of Skype or by creating a scene of an office in your study room or dining room. Dress properly as if you are going for an actual interview and give the best answers possible for the questions asked.

Embrace the feedback of the person taking your interview and if possible record a video of your interview and view it again and again in order to find out the areas of your weakness. Try to choose a person who has the knowledge related to the job you are going to interview for in this way his feedback would be proven even more beneficial for you.

Practice or pretentious interview is the best technique of strengthening your skills and building your confidence so one should always give it a try before entering into an actual interview.


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