How to deal with university problems

Entering a university means encountering new educational environment, meeting new people and going through a bunch of circumstances that are not experienced by a student in school or college. The student has to go through numerous in-campus and out-campus problems which sometimes cannot be dealt without proper counseling.

The in campus problems usually includes buying books, taking notes, losing track of schedule and making new friends on the other hand out-campus problems refers to financial problems, home sickness, time management etc.

When we enter a new class we sometimes buy new books without concerning the teachers which sometimes results in buying wrong books a student should always wait for teacher’s recommendation before buying books it will save him a lot of time and money also if a book is costlier than expected then the student should try to find it in old book shop first instead of buying a new book directly.

The other problem which is usually faced by a student in new class while studying a new subject is  how to take notes in the class, a student usually get confused in what to write and what not to write during lecture. To solve this problem a student is advised to give a speed reading to the topic before taking lecture or during the lecture so that it becomes easy for him to figure out what is missing in the book which will help him to note down those points of the lecture which are not present in the book except that a student must also note down what a teacher writes on the board as they are the emphasis points of the lecture.

When we enter a new university routine it becomes hard for us to keep track of our new schedule to avoid losing the tract a student can write it down on a planner or a board in his room he may also get a soft copy of it in the device that is used by him on regular basis.

Entering a new institution sometimes pull a student towards anxiety as he either has to leave his college or school friends behind or is too shy to approach new people for friendship. To overcome this problem a student should is advised to join groups or societies of his interest which will help him to interact with new people and make new friends.

Expenses of universities are usually much higher than college or schools if a student finds it hard to cope with them then he should go for part time job and try to get an in-campus job other than that he can go for tuitions and other various ways of making online money for example he can make a YouTube channel or work as a free lancer.

Many students who has to be away from home in order to study usually suffers from homesickness which further pulls them towards anxiety and depression which if not treated can become a serious disorder to overcome homesickness a students should use ways of communication to stay in touch with his family he can stay connected with them on daily basis by means of Skype, wats app etc.

Time management is one of the biggest out campus problem faced by a student during fresher year of his university and some students cannot overcome these time management problems even after passing out of university. To cope with this problem a student must learn the technique of prioritizing a task which means he should take his time to decide the tasks which are more important than others and can perform them before the less important tasks. This methods requires practice and the student should stick to the method till he gets the require result.

However a student during the process of coping with problems must not forget that the student years are the best years of life in which a student deserves his share of time to have fun and enjoy to the fullest with his friends and classmates.


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