How To Become A Good Student - Best Tips

Your educational institute may be a friendly place for you but its also a competitive place. Your learning there will build your personality, which helps you in rest of your life. Your good marks in class are the base for you first job or to apply for higher education. To acquire all these you need to be a good student and that requires skill that can be learn with few efforts.

Some main rules for to be a student are;

  • Manage your activities, give your best in school must be your high priority
  • Study well, as there is no alternate
  • Be punctual in classroom
  • Your assignments and class work will be done on time
  • Be prepare yourself and self-discipline
  • Make your time table

Make your self-discipline

We all are human being and we have different habits. Therefore, we have to build our habit to do good things. Its in own hand to build and carry on your good habits. The reason you should find your inner self and make you self-discipline. Prepare you mind to quick and good change in your personality.

Some people between us find it less difficult for self-discipline as they have already prepared themselves for this and they have do practice for this training well.

Manage your time

There are 24 hours in a day how you divide it, does not matter its all up to you. You can manage your time by

  1. Create notes as much as you can for all daily routines
  2. For each task, there should be fix time and you have to done on deadline
  3. But remember do only that things which are require, avoid unnecessary

You can do these things easily, some practice and work needed for this

  • Time is a precious thing, a minute pass away will not return back
  • If you are not following the schedule, you will left back. So, try your best to be on time as per schedule, if you did so there will be not any misjudgment, all tasks will be done on timeline and no recovery will be left.


  • Be 100% honest with yourself, all others are doing this.
  • Be both supervisor and worker, you have to instruct yourself and you have to done all you assigned tasks.
  • Take duties, and fulfill all yourself
  • Make yourself secure, some most common sign of insecurity is you are asking the same question from your teacher which you already know the answer, being sincere with teacher and other students, all for this the reason is short-term kill of pain.
  • Create a self-image: as you enter into your campus you perhaps have doubt, am I able to do all these? Forget all thing, make your mind that you can do each task easily no matter what is the level of its difficulty. Forget all your previous mistakes and performances either they were good or bad. Yes, its good to learn from past but make yourself bound to it. Find your weak point and overcome them. Know your boundaries and follow the rules, but don’t let overwhelmed them on your success.

Taking a course

Every student is like and want

  • To learn all the study material
  • To gain good marks in exams
  • But did not care about studies

Every instructor is like and want

  • Students learn all the study material
  • Students get good marks and grades in exams
  • But did not care all about these

If you want to learn good from course then must do these;

  • Learn the study material
  • Learn and follow the instructor

In the classroom create full focus on the instructor and learn what he/she is delivering to you. Get the information about your tutor from other campus students. It’s a quality of good teacher that he/she take responsibility of the class gives their students good study material to learn and keep focus on the development of students learning and abilities.


Remember this, your instructor is human being and your work is checked and graded accordingly to your efforts.

  • Write assignment, neat, clean and well organized
  • Provide all the notes and clear the purpose of work in written format

If you are providing and clearing all the requirements of the work / assignment then it became the cause of your success.

Have you answered to all your works assigned properly it does not mean you are master now in study material. You can only clear one problem yet, and its not mean that you have learn all the problems of material (such any of problem will come in the exams). Its on the student that how he/she look the assignment and how solve the problems.

Always follow the solutions provided by the teacher, even you don’t perform well in assignment. Your teacher has provided you all the solution which are necessary for you studies.


  • Preparation
    • First of all make priority of your material from low to high difficulty then concentrate and study accordingly.
    • Study in group or alone it up to you, in which phase you learn more follow that.
    • Make a summary and point of you material, memorize all of them and force yourself to review and work on them.
    • Memorize all the thing which is given by instructor.
    • Study old exam paper by the same instructor but don’t make you fool that in current exams teacher will repeat same.
    • You must have you watch and papers.
    • Fight for the success, adopt each method that helps you for the success.
  • Starting the examination
    • First of all read instruction carefully.
    • Don’t need to answer in sequence, solve the material which you well know first.
    • Before answer think about the problem and make a plan how to answer.
    • Only answer what is required don’t need to give extra material.
  • Make you calm and relax during the exam. You have to answer 50 question in 100 minutes, its mean you have 2 minutes for each question. Keep time track and solve the problems.
  • Always check over the answers if you time.


Finally there is no prominently method for the student success because each one have his/her own skill and capabilities. Just fully focus and concentrate on material then you will perform well in class examinations.

Successful student don’t only attend the classes on regular basis, do assignments, clear the concepts, beside all these they question “Is I am learning and can I do it?”, if yes then they are on right track if no then they also have to improve for better performance.

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