How comfort ruins future

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is very much said and heard quote we probably come across it once every day without paying much attention towards it. The frequently used quote indicates that as long as you stay in your comfort zone you will lead an unsuccessful and boring life.

Your comfort zone can be defined as everything you do or use on regular basis which you don’t remember when you last changed like your routine many of us goes by same routine without ever planning to change it, go to same places every day, meet same people and go by the same monotonous schedule every day without even noticing the fact that it needs to be changed.

If a woodcutter cut three trees every week for years his financial status will remain the same if a doctor restricts himself to see 5 patients a day for years he will also not be able to change his fortune unless he changes his routine.

Likewise people who are addicted to different drugs of abuse on the cost of their health can find it really hard to become abstinent to the particular drug as it will lead them to discomfort but if one is strong enough to deal with that discomfort that will last for only a short span of life he then can achieve a healthy life with better physical and mental health likewise if a person never goes for a physical exercise for all his life he might has to go through serious medical issues in the latter half of his life but the question is how to come out of comfort zone and convince oneself to take that first step which will help us to start a new journey of life all over again.

The journey out of comfort zone actually begins by making fool of oneself, by trying doing those things which you have not tried because one of the factors that compels us to keep staying in our comfort zone is the fear that what people will think if they find me doing something different or wouldn’t I look odd or weird to others if I do this but if we look closely we are often attracted to the people who are bit crazier than the others who have courage to try out new things and to live at fullest without fearing to be noticed.

Sometimes we stop ourselves to try new things because of a fear of not knowing what will happen in the end, to try a new thing we must develop a feeling that the worst thing that might happen it that we fail and nothing else and even if you fail in the end you will have a satisfaction of trying something new and getting a firsthand experience of something which you have not experienced before.

The next step is to face your fears which are haunting you for years if you are scared to travel alone take a next ride and travel alone if you are afraid of public speaking participate in a debate. Help yourself to break the jails of fears and set yourself free moreover you should learn the difference between being proactive and being scared. Being proactive will save you from future dangers while being scared will hinders your progress towards success.

It is very important for a person coming out of comfort zone to develop a habit of acceptance as in the beginning of coming out of comfort zone he’ll might has to face some disappointments and failures he’ll might have to go through some major and minor changes for which he has to be strong enough to accept those changes as a change is always a step towards betterment, he should not just only develop acceptance towards changing circumstances and routine he must also develop acceptance for people he should talk to the people he has not known before and develop tolerance towards their ideas and opinion, towards their personality and behaviors as people are the best source of learning, the more you get involved with new people the more will you learn as your personality reflects the people you meet and talk to so try to be involved with people of different traits have a friend who has charming nature, a friend who is intellectual, a friend having a philosophical approach because all these traits will then reflect in you.

Coming out of your comfort zone is probably the hardest thing in life because being in comfort zone provides you with a mental security of being safe, it provides you with the satisfaction of being out of danger but on the other hand it also provides you with a static motionless life without any progress in your personality and financial status so if one wants to change his life then he has to break barriers of his comfort zone as it is only a good change that can help you to get a good life.

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