Historical places visited by foreigners in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land gifted with unique topography and ethnicity. It has much more to offer than usually talked about. The land of Pakistan has witnessed many historical wars and reigns of many known emperors. The map of it contains many paths travelled by great rulers and warriors and many buildings built and frequented by them.

The historical sites of Pakistan had been the center of attraction of many archeologists for many years and had gotten attention of many people interested in the influential history of the subcontinent for decades. People around the world visit these sites and take great interest in their designs and patterns.

The province of Sindh and Punjab contains more places that catch the eyes of the people come to visit Pakistan. The land of Sindh is famous for its archeological ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, historical monuments of Thatta and the province of Punjab is known for Lahore Fort and Badshahi mosque.

The unique design and finely carved patterns of Badshahi mosque in Lahore and Shahjahan mosques in Thatta makes the visitors curious about their making. The design of dooms and minarets of both the mosques are designed so technically that it is compatible with the scientific techniques of the day. While the Badshahi mosques  is known for being the biggest of its kind, Shahjahani mosque is known for the number of its dooms. It is believed by the locals of the Thatta city that the dooms of the mosques can never be counted and some people believe that it has 100 dooms while other argues the number of the dooms is ninety nine.

Monuments of Thatta includes centuries old graveyard which is known to be the most ancient graveyard.  It is located on Makli hills and is a place of burial of 1, 25000 local rulers and saints. It contains graves as old as 13th century and rulers from the periods of Samma, Arghun, turkhan and Mughals are buried in it.

Mohenjo-Daro being one the ancient and largest civilization also attracts people around the world it is located near the city of Larkana and was built in 25th century it contains archeological ruins of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Minaon Crete and Norte Chico civilization. The city is also known as Mound of death man and Mound of Mohan.

Harappa which is located near Sahiwal is also known for the archeological ruins of Bronze age fortified city though the historical city was damaged during British Raj but it is still famous for being one of the oldest civilization and its ancient art of pottery and sculpture making, likewise the ancient city of Taxila located near Rawalpindi has also caught attention from the world after being declared UNESCO world heritage site in 1980.

Other than the above mentioned places there are number of forts that grab the attention of foreign visitors these include Lahore fort, Rohtas fort, Ranikot fort, Derawar fort, Red fort, Altit fort, Baltit fort etc the Lahore fort was built by Akbar of mughal empire and known for its brilliant construction while Rohtas fort was built by Sher Shah Suri in 1547 AD.

The shrines of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Baba Fareed Shakar Ganj and saint Abdul Hassan Hajveri also attracts tourism as all of them are considered great example of spirituality all around the world.

The world map adores the value of tourism of Pakistan as the land has cherished a 5000 years old civilization and the chance of visiting it can be a mesmerizing experience for those fascinated by the life style and cultures of emperors and ancient civilizations.

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