Helping those in need

Helping those in need is the most profound way of helping oneself. The satisfaction that one feels within by helping others is unmatchable with any other kind of satisfaction. Helping others is not just beneficial to the one who receives help but also for the one who provides for it.
If we notice the people born with altruism we will come to find out that people having altruistic behavior lives happier lives than those having an apathetic behavior towards those in need. People who show concerns towards others are more likely to get succeeded than the one who ignores it.
Every person in the world can help others in his own capacity regardless of his age and sex. A 3 year old that goes to school with his lunch box full with delicious meal can share it with the one who could not bring his lunch with him. A school going student can help his fellow classmates with his studies or homework.
A company is less likely to run if the authorities show lack of interest towards the employees so instead of competing with each other one should help each other to grow. One who provides opportunities to others opportunities presents them to him and the one who help others in need is helped in his needs. 
There are a number of success stories in the world where people help the one in need and in the end it proves to be beneficial for him. Malik Riaz the most famous business personality of Pakistan has mentioned many times in his interviews that he had nothing and then started feeding the poor and God provided for him. Abdul Sattar Eidhi the epitome of altruism stood to help others and God blessed him with such respect and honour that no man on earth denies his efforts of humanity. 
Mahatama Gandhi had restricted himself from wearing suits and ties and started to get dressed by wrapping a loincloth around his body as a gesture of empathy towards poor people of India he fasted with them when they didn’t have food he based his political struggle on the principles of I will wear what my people wear and ear what my people eats and now the world remembers him as an example of promoting peace in the world his name is taken along with the name of Mother Teressa who’s efforts for others cannot be forgotten.
There are many people in the world who gives the credit of their success to other people that if so and so person had not helped them at that time of need they would not be a successful person and how because of them they learnt to help others.
Psychologists believes that the people who helps others possess more emotional well beings than others and people having selfish approach towards life are more likely to be a victim of emotional instability and psychological disorders like anxiety and stress. Various researches in the past have shown that the selfishness can take a person to an extent where he becomes paranoid.
Some people are born with the quality of altruism and other can develop it by helping those in need around them. Abdul Sattar Eidhi stated it on many occasions in his life that when he was a child his mother used to give him 2 paisas for school one for himself and one to be spent on others likewise we should teach our children the habit of sharing with others and empathize with the need of others as by doing so we will help our children have a happy and satisfied life. Helping others is also a source of purifying one self. In Islam a great importance is given to Sadqa and it is believed that the one who gives Sadqa purifies himself from the evils of the world and it also protects him on the day of judgement. 

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