Healthy Food for Eyes

The sense of sight is a very big blessing. It is impossible for a normal individual to imagine life without being able to see things. The pattern of our lives involve numerous hazardous habits such as drinking less water, excessive screen timings , eating unhealthy food, taking lesser sleep than 8 hours. These habits affect our health as whole but it affects your eye sight the most. The number of people with eye sight problems is commonly seen as increasing every year. There are some foods that can help you for protecting your eyes and healthy eye sight.

  1. Fish

Winter season is the best season for having sea food. Fish can be eaten in several ways. You can get it fried, baked, steamed or make a fish curry. Fish contains essential oils such as Omega 3s that helps to keep your eye sight on point. Moreover the fatty acids also play a vital role in keeping your eyes healthy. Fish is a delicious food, do not miss this season and take fish at least once a week.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are readily available in all the seasons in super markets and stores. The winters although bring the fresh flavors. You can find a cart of nuts in every street and in every nook and corner. The steamy season has lot of its own perks. Grab a hand full of nuts every day to help your eye sight healthy. All the cuts have Omega 3s. Moreover if your eye sight is already weak, do not worry Vitamin E in the nuts can also fix it. Make a habit of eating at least half cup of nuts everyday for better eye sight.

  1.   Citrus Fruits

All the Citrus fruits are very rich in the vitamins especially Vitamin C. Citrus fruits have great quantity of antioxidants in it too.The daily use of lemons can help prevent eye damages. The season for other citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines is here take the maximum benefit from it. it is good to eat the raw fruit but if you cannot eat it make a glassof juice and take it on daily basis. There is a huge water level in mostly citrus fruits which also help to keep your eyes hydrated and prevent it from unnecessary dryness leading to serious eye disorders.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are rich source of nutrition. It is must for every student to take one egg every day. Eggs help to keep a good track of your memory but it also helps to keep your eyes younger. One reason of the weakness of eye sight is the aging of your eye. Eggs have lutein, zeaxantin, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc in it. All of the nutrients help to keep your eyes secure and healthy. It is a healthy habit to eat eggs daily as it has many health benefits.

  1. Carrots

Every elder of the house will ask you to eat carrots if your eye sight is weak. They ask you to eat it because it has many health benefits. Eating carrots help you stay younger. It also helps to make your vision better and clear. Beta carotene and vitamin A helps your eyes to stay healthy. If your eye sight has just started falling it is a good time to fix it. Eating raw carrots is most beneficial whereas you can also cook it. Carrot juice is also a tasty way to grab all the ingredients.


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