Harassment; Fear may make it worse

By: Saba Ch

One’s freedom ends where other’s nose starts. This is how and what the concept of human freedom and liberty can contribute to humanitarianism. 

An improper and unwelcome conduct including – but not limited to – words, gestures or actions annoying, alarming, abusing, demanding, demeaning, intimidating, or any personal humiliation or embarrassment to the others defines harassment and must be curtailed. History states and we quote that harassment includes - but is not limited to - race, religion, color, creed, ethnic origin, physical attributes, gender and sexual orientation at workplace, in educational institutions, markets, roads, houses and outside. Harassment is to ruin someone’s natural emotions. All in one ….Harassment is to force someone to act what he/she don’t want to, both sexually and emotionally.

Harassment in every type, every case and every stance is intolerable. Gender equity is what being practiced all over the world. We are a nation of 52% women and can’t tolerate to squeeze this 52% of the workforce to the houses only. The women have to work, the women have to contribute towards country’s profile, the women have to stand still for the nation’s progress and men have to give them their right share in the respect, in the work, in the labor force, in the public and private sector institutions and at the home too.

The problem of being harassed is no more a lie or an imaginary act in our society. The respect, the share, the value, the confidence, the reverence, the poise and the buoyancy of the women does get humiliated in the shape of sexual, racial and abuse of authority. Harassment, an evil, which engulfs the security of respect and dignity. It must be stopped by capacity building, by making clear zero tolerance to the fact, must be stopped by giving confidence to the women and must be stopped by making the people realize that their freedom ends where other’s nose starts.

The sexual harassment is a snag in our society. The women are harassed by unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexually harassing nature. The women are harassed as a term or condition of employment. The women are harassed to show the manifesto of power. The women are harassed to display the so-called male supremacy. The women are harassed to spectacle the authority. The women are harassed to exhibit the supposed dominance. Harassment is to demonstrate the hypothetical ascendency. Harassment is showing bad body language and making someone uncomfortable by passing unbearable bad sexual comments. Harassment is bad touching, fondling, bending over other or tapping on private body parts to get amusement. This reveal the dark faces of the guilt, expose the black cats from the mob, represent dirty minded society and put clear cut obstacle between a civilized and uncivilized nation. Harassment starts when you feel fear of the society. The family members including father, brother and husband are also the part of this harassment when they make you assure that only you are responsible whatever the act happens. Harassment is a weapon, men or Bosses use to sacrifice the respect of a woman especially at work place. The promotions don’t rely over hard work it is directly related now to the wishes (sexual) wishes of the Boss. Why Harassment is not going to stop? The main reason is tolerance. A woman makes the family, grows them, enable them to live and stand in the society. A woman work at home as well as outdoor. Then why she is always supposed to be held responsible for all the acts. She deserves to be loved, respected, encouraged, spoken out, brave and show zero tolerance. The men if are the harassment creators they must be the harassment controllers too.

I am thankful to the government of Pakistan for legislation and punishing the guilty with imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of 500,000 rupees or both in Pakistan Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. Legislation do provide an opportunity to stop the hazard but it is me, it is you, all of us have to step ahead to get it eradicated. Measures to deal with this inappropriate behavior should be based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, sensitivity and respect.  We can’t head to be a civilized nation until unless we feel ourselves with the responsibility to sustain a respectful work environment by upholding the highest standards of code of conduct. Remember, every member of the society has a right to work in a harassment-free and respectful environment.

In the end I will say, that we the women have to step up for our rights, have to stand still for our respect, have to prove our value, have to represent our power, have to show our dignity, have to exhibit our confidence because we are 52% of this nation and without us this nation can never excel.


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