Habits of innovative people

Innovative people drive their ideas and find their solutions by thinking out of box. They do not follow the conventional ways of solving a professional problem they rather think of a solution which is not used by anyone else before that is why many companies prefer hiring innovating people as they are proven more beneficial for the growth of the company than an employee who still rely on conventional methods of solving business problems.

Though innovative people are born with the quality of thinking innovatively but one can adopt the art of innovation by following a number of habits that are found in each and every innovative person of the world.

An innovative person has a habit of jotting all down, they take notes on everything, which does not only include the existing phenomenon and problems but also the ones which existence is not even dreamt an ordinary person with no sense of innovation

They have a habit of recording random bits of information that remind them clearly or vaguely of their existing and future project. They keep asking themselves that how this knowledge could be used, they find their answers and then return to these notes later with a new vision.

Thomas Edison the famous scientist and inventor also used the same approach of taking notes often in his life. A historian who visited his house after his death found a thousand of notebooks filled with snippets and ideas, the historian later discovered that Thomas Edison had a habit of taking notes of his ideas and reviews his ideas time to time till he gets satisfied with the idea.

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation—and turns out, fun too. Do you remember how creative you were as a child? No one judged if you colored outside of the lines, or your portrait of your dog looked a little, well, abstract.

The other habit of  innovative people can be introduced as R&R method where the R’s stands for rest and relaxation. Any form of outdoor or indoor relaxation provides a man’s brain a room for developing new ideas of creativity. Both rest and relaxation are very important for innovative people as a stressed and tired brain has no room left for creativity.

An innovative person is jack or jane of all trades, an acclaimed innovator Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, who found out from her personal experience that “innovation happens at the interfaces of different disciplines...". In her case, her engineering training in miniaturization helped her understand how nanotechnology could be borrowed for medical applications. “That idea that you can combine fields and really leapfrog in advances has been something we try to repeat over and over again by bringing in diverse teams with diverse perspectives and experiences,” she says.

that is why there are a number of innovative people that are working on more than one professions at the same time.

these people have no fear in their minds and they fearlessly face each and every business problem and are never afraid to take risks for the growth and sustainability of their business they focus on the product and review its quality over and over again finding a chance of betterment in them. They of no fear of failure and have an ability to anticipate a problem way earlier than its existence

Often, we fear failure—but it can lead to some of the best ideas. In 1895, Will Keith Kellogg was experimenting with cereal recipes when he accidently left some boiled wheat out. Instead of throwing it out, he decided to cook it anyway, and the result was a crunchy, flaky cereal called Corn Flakes.

As an innovator, you must try, try again—despite fear. Change your habits with some simple reframing: Failures are discoveries in need of a home, and “who you are" is unlimited. So get poised for that giant leap. The world is waiting!

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