Good books improve life

“Books are the plane, the train, the road; they are destination and the journey. They are home.” It is one of the worth mentioning quote of a famous American columnist Anna Marie Quendlin who herself witnessed her life changing and improving because of her habit of reading books.

Books are not just a number of pages wrapped in glossy covers they are the key to a successful life. They hold in themselves many multiple traits they can be a friend when you are lonely, a guide when you are deviated, a solution for your problems, a way to lead your life and a role model to look up to.

The books contains in itself a number of happy stories, depressing stories, success stories, horror stories etc they contain information, drama, romance, thriller and what not, you name it and they have it. But in this busy life you might never had a chance to think that each book you read leaves a little bit of its reflection on you.

The book you choose to read can decide your future for example if you want to be a successful person you might want to read books written by or written on successful people it will make you understand the personalities of those people who done well in life. 

If you’ll read a book written about Steve Jobs you will come across his ideas, his experiences. You will learn about his tricks and traits and after learning about these you might try to incorporate those traits in you because of the nature of a man to imitate others. Every person looks towards someone in life as role model in order to become like him he begins to imitate him like Mahatma Gandhi imitated Martin Luther King in his political ideas and Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs to look up to.

In our life we don’t get a chance to meet everyone we admire, we admire good writers, philosophers, and other celebrities but with the changing trend of writing autobiographies and biographies one gets a chance to meet the person he admires by way of the words written by him or on him for example if people wants to know about the great struggle and sacrifices of Abdul Sattar Eidhi then they should read “I am Eidhi” if they want to read about the life of political leader like barrack Obama then they should read the book “dreams from my father” and if they want to read about the struggles of an African female writer than they should read “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Anglou.

Likewise if one wants to develop certain personality traits in him then he should go through the books written by Stephen R. Covey like 7 habits of effective people, the leader in me and first thing comes first.

Books also helps one in shaping other hobbies, if a person wants to develop a habit of gardening he can read a good book written on it, if he wants to know how he should decorate his house he should read books written on current trends of decorating homes. If they are not good at parenting they should look for a reliable book written on parenting.

Books are written on vast subjects they covers almost every aspect of life if they there are books written on peace than there are books written on wars as well. If there are books written on spirituality than there are books written on atheists as well but no matter what is the subject of book. Every book provides you with information and introduces you with something no matter how big or small which you never have known before in your life.

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