Gender discrimination in education

Gender discrimination in education

Discrimination of education among the fortunate appealing must be abolished. Whether, if it’s man or women the human rights must be moralized inequality of wisdom. As everyone has the freedom of speech and expression, there should be the freedom of education too. When we talk about co-education it takes the demonstration ride to the fundamentalist approach. In my opinion, co-education is the acknowledgment about the struggle in every section of life. Here, is the responsibility of parents, they should take a step to tackle the discrimination among gender. They should give equal importance to their all children, whether if it’s a boy or a girl. People of the negative school of thoughts must be kept in mind that if they educate one boy they will educate one person and if they educate a girl they will educate a family. 

There should be no caste system on the runway of education. We have initially seen so many suspicious examples in our society that bans the education for girls and cast it as not honorable for their tribe or family or society.

Education is the key towards success. When I read the word success the word that pop-up in my mind struggles. This struggle is the paragon talent which arose from million number of people. Here people include both sexes in the discussion. Either man or woman the fame is rarely won by her or him. So when the competition is among the opposite genders then why they aren’t permitting girls and boys to study at the same place by negotiating the society hypocritical honors killing words. Here a step should be taken towards the prevention of such occupied stereotype people to be dust out from our life for the lust of education.

Boldness in girls and boys is created when they get the courage to face each other. This courage happens to fall when they interact oppositely, they get the power to read other minds. Where the clouds of competitive spirit blew to enhance the knowledge.

 Education doesn’t matter only for the gain of knowledge. It matters for self-grooming too. An educated person in our society is viewed with honor and respect. He has the mentality to know the difference between wrong and right. He has the power to neglect bullying words from adoption. So education not only discriminates illiteracy but it establishes the rate of literacy in the society. Either man or woman reputation of well-educated person can steal the show and can run the race.