Fullbright Scholarship 2018: Introduction and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship programme is the leading programme in terms of scholarships by the U.S. Department of State. The scholarship programme accepts the students from almost 150 countries across the globe and Pakistan is the leading countries amongst those because of the capabilities the Pakistani students have as well as the generous funding the American Embassy in Pakistan.

HEC Pakistan is also conjoining to send at least 25 PhD aspirants to U.S. for the next five years which will be supervised by the scholarship’s rules, regulations and conditions.

What benefits and providences the Fullbright scholarship has?

The scholarship has got each and everything which a bright student from a poor background would look for. The health insurance, visa fees, a computer, settling-in allowance, tuition fee, textbooks, airfare and a living stipend are provided to the students who qualify for the Fullbright scholarship.

How many Fullbright scholarships will be granted in 2018?

The USEFP aims at granting no less than 150 scholarships to Pakistani students.

Eligibility and Directions

Do I need to have completed a Bachelor's Degree to apply?

1.       You must have completed at least 16 years of education to apply for Master’s degree and 18 years of education to apply for a PhD degree programme. It must be completed from an accredited university.

2.       The candidates looking for a Masters leading to PhD should keep in mind that they cannot do so according to the rules of the scholarship. You can apply for one degree programme at one time.

3.       You can apply in any discipline except for clinical medicine. The applicants are encouraged to apply agriculture, health, education, energy and water specially.

4.       You can apply for MBA as well and for that, you must have at least 16 years of education. It is recommended that the applicant should have at least two years of experience in his/her desired field.

5.       The MBBS degree holders can also apply but not in clinical medicine or for specialization. The candidates can apply for research-based fields such as public health etc.

6.       The Chartered Accountants can not apply for the scholarship unless they have the equivalency from HEC recognizing his/her CA certificate as equivalent to an M. Com. degree.

7.       The ones who have availed Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme can also apply for the scholarship.

8.       If you’re graduating in 2017 and can provide your final transcript till DEC 2017, you’re eligible to apply for 2018 Fullbright Scholarship Programme.

9.       No work experience is required for any programme except for Public Policy/Administration or an MBA.

10.   You can change your field as well if you are able to show satisfactory groundwork for your new field and explain why you are changing fields.

11.   You can also apply if you have a Bachelor’s degree from some foreign institution unless it is the U.S. within past five years. The students without having any foreign degree are preferred.

12.   The ones who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and want to get enrolled in the past degree can also apply but with an explanation as why re-doing the degree is important.  

13.   If you already have a foreign Master’s degree and want to apply for PhD, you’re eligible. If you got your degree from U.S. in past five years, you’re ineligible.

14.   If you’re disabled or any physical deficiency, you’re encouraged to apply. U.S. universities are well equipped for the special students. 

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