From Nothing to Something; the Topper of BISE Multan

Multan is known for many things which make it famous across the globe. There are many negatives of this city as well which include the pollution, heat, beggars and a few other things. Avoiding all these defaming factors, I went to see a highly talented son of this soil of saints. He is Abbas Ali who secured the first position in 2002 BISE Multan Matriculation exams in severely tough circumstances of life.

Living in a small house of 2 marlas with other family members, studying in government schools and living on stipends are the toughest conditions of life. With all that hurdles and obstacles, he still managed to grab a position which is the dream of every intelligent and ambitious student. He secured this position by obtaining 711 out 850 marks in Arts group and made everyone proud.

Writing to Karwan e Ilm Foundation he said that I am a bright student and I have realized that you can provide me financial assistance as you are doing for the bright and needy students of all of the country. I have read that the organization has helped the students across the country and I am looking forward to it.

He further said that he is a poor student who works partly to support his studies and his father works in a textile unit. He is quite ambitious for his studies and wants to contribute in the country’s development. In short, he was an ambitious, determined and focused student. However, he was issued a monthly stipend for his studies.

When he received the first installment of the stipend he wrote again that before this financial assistance, he had nothing in his pocket. He had to walk six kilometers to reach his school which he reaches easily because he has the fare to pay for a vehicle. The uniform which he did not have at first is now been purchased with the stipend. His studies had been easier for him to be focused upon.

Writing for the third time he confessed that he is now able to focus on his studies and after his father’s such low income, he still managed to pay his fee and with some savings, he has managed to purchase a bicycle as well.

As we reached the destination, Abbas, his father and other residents of the area were waiting for us anxiously. They were extremely happy that the team of the Urdu digest had reached to greet and encourage the talented boy.

This enthusiasm made me realize that the poor class is so much loving and pure within their hearts. We reached the house where Abbas lived and achieved such a millstone. The house was extremely small and messy but it was the witness of a young boy’s great success.

Abbas was a victim of child labor as well because he was forced by his poverty to work and earn his expenses which he couldn’t because that money was too little to meet both ends. He still managed to study, secure first position in board exams and get himself enrolled in intermediate. This was something which was enough to impress even any lay person.

Living in such a small and messy house and securing first position in the board exam was not a piece of cake. The 18 members living in a two marla house make a person think that what would have happened during the severe weather conditions and in the heat of Multan city.

Abbas told about his living conditions that the male members of the family would sleep in the courtyard and the females would sleep in the small rooms in al weathers.

Abbas Ali has proved that despite all the odds, determination and hard work can get you your desired results. There is no substitute of hard work because hard work fetches you long term results.


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