Follow the footsteps of Edhi and become Humanitarianism

Follow the footsteps of Edhi and become Humanitarianism

On likely we all have forgotten that we are human and are known as “Ashraf-ul-Makhloqaat”. But I need to consolidate over the matter that we have forgotten “Being Human”. But as the Holy month is passing with the speed of light we will again move towards the false deeds. Again Holy month will arrive next year, we will cry for the blessings and forgiveness from the Lord and so the cycle will move on. But no one would become Abdul Sattar Edhi for the lifetime. He was the Sigma and the philanthropist noble prize winner, born in Pakistan and was running the Edhi’s Foundation. He was the light of source for the poor, needy, orphans and old people. His ambulances are working for the needy and ill patients and corpse. Eventually, everyone has to taste death and so did he after gaining a great legacy in the world he move towards the better world with good fame and respect. He was a Muslim philanthropist,

My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world. – Abdul Sattar Edhi

Believe me, not only I but the whole world has lost one of the greatest men of the 21st century. I think no one could be replaced by his place but the hope could be filled up by ourselves and that is through following his footprints.

According to my school of thoughts, it would be a great chance to become Edhi in the holy month and the rest of our life by following his footprints. I know it’s hard to give even 10 rupees out of our pockets to the beggar without any mean, but we could resist it through the words of blessing as if Lord is testing our heart that how much my man is superficial upon the needy ones. Believe me you will feel very light by just donating 10 rupees in the name of Lord without any reason but by the mean of help, rather than defaming the needy through the vulgar words like “Allah de ga, Maaf kro, jao koi kaam kro, haathe Kaathy toh ho tumhe kia zaroorat”, you know what may be Lord is making you a “waseela” for the needy one so obliged the command of Lord “to help the needy, poor and orphans”.

Remember, who was Edhi? What does he have in his life or what he had left! No, extra money is found in his pocket because whatever he had he gave to half of its charity to the orphans. I am not really criticizing any person not I meant to dishearten my reader I just want to expose the reality, if you don’t have anything to donate you can help them just by asking a little help, that help could be without financial support just stand for the needy collect them some money help old people by letting them cross the road. In such heat radiating season I know some can’t afford to buy juices and mineral water bottles to the poor and the weak pedestrian, but everybody does have fridges in their homes. They can fill a cool water can and can place it by their house gate so the pedestrian and the greengrocer could be filled their thirst.

Try to donate “zakat” or charity to the people as much as you can because the world is as much moving towards the development of technology it is taking the needy and the poor as much back reacting as a wild treasure for them so be kind to such people supply little amount of food from your plate to the poor and your stomach will be refilled with their prayers which will mark as countless blessing upon you so try to develop small area of possessiveness towards the low world as they are seeking help from us. Especially the old people, who don’t have any companion to help them and the handicapped people who wish to work and walk like you. So don’t or never pat you back towards them at least if you can’t help them. Surely this will help you to become a little Edhi in time.


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