Five Pakistanis Who Made Pakistan Proud With their Contributions

Pakistan itself is a treasure of honor, glory, pride and excellence. This castle gives many golden births which make Pakistan proud. Pakistan is the state of dexterity, talent, competence and epitomizes eagle due to its robustness. Pakistani nation is a legendary nation and leads to all over the world. Every scale is present in this global world to find out and to record everything but no one can be able to judge the confidence of Pakistani nation because of its unpredictability and the concrete determination in their bloods. Five Pakistanis who are the pearls and beneficial for the glory of Pakistan in the world records are given below.


NOW “BABAR is associating and working with Microsoft in Dubai”

He belongs to a DERA Ismail Khan which is the ordinary place of Pakistan. When he is five years old, he became the youngest Microsoft certified professional (MCP) and when he was nine years old he was the youngest certified internet web professional (CIWA). After further years, he had prepared himself as youngest certified wireless network administrator (CWNA) and youngest Microsoft student partner (MSP). When he is fourteen years old, he completed his first research paper on the digital forensic science. In this field, science recovers and investigate the data in digital devices and control crimes. His research associates with IOS by the 8th IEEE international conference on innovations in information technology.

2: SAMAR KHAN        


She pertains to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and scored masters in physics. She has invested herself in sports and also gain trainings from army training centers. She is a cyclist and athlete. She has achieved many opportunities to hold a record in the history of the world. She is certified as a para-glider from army school of physical training. She has captured one thousand kilometer at the height of four thousand six hundred and ninety three meters to Pak-china border. She is the only first girl who has crossed BIAFO Glacier in Karakorum of GILGIT-BALTISTAN Mountains in the limit of forty five thousand meters with cycling. She is also the first girl who has reached at Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest peak in Africa. No one has crossed these records but Samar khan was the one who gripped these determinations and made herself an ideal for world record book.  


SHABNAM Chaudhry is selected as a detective superintendent of the Scotland Yard. She is ever Muslim and Asian woman and pertains to Karachi city of Pakistan. SHABNAM Chaudhry is selected firstly at police in 1989, against with her parents’ wishes. She has fought against many gangs of criminals and is appreciable for that great contribution. She has won with the cluster of awards to maintain check and balance in London.


He is the high school student from Lahore, the city of gardens in Pakistan while he is the scientist. He researched on electric honeycomb. Many Physicists have known the process and scenarios of electric honeycomb but there was the problem which has yet solved with the exotic research of Mr. NIAZI. He negotiated to photograph the relocation of ions that forms the honeycombs besides recording the heat found on the surface of oil. This research is recently published in the Royal society open science journals.   


She is the Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She also belongs to Karachi and advanced her degree program in Stanford University. She is a feminist while she was moving on the equal rights for women and highlighted the spots of inequality in her movies. She has been awarded with many multinational companies and her biggest award is HILAL-I-IMTIAZ from the government of Pakistan. She has won approximately six Emmy awards. “Times” magazine also published her name that was more influential in the world.



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