Few works that can we do in these days.

Three months in year 2020 and the world is going in a very unpredictable direction. The year started with such happy vibes and everyone was up and about for the opportunities this decade held. I mean it was just 3 months ago the virtual world was flooding with the beginning and end of the decade photos. Everyone was blooming with new hopes and resolutions ready to take on the world by the storm but the nature had planned a storm of its own.  There were many things those resolution had but staying home and hoping not to catch the COVID-19 was definitely not one of them.

It is becoming very difficult for everyone around the world to cope with the fact that they have to stay home even that is for their own good. It sounds depressing but it doesn’t have to be. We just need to make a list of pros and cons of the situation like any sensible human. Yes, we cannot go out and take on the world as we planned but the world can wait because if we go out there may not be a world to take on, not a healthy one at least. We are giving a start up on the pros for your help. Please do not hesitate to give us your pros for this situation.

  1. Staying healthy should be our first priority.

The first and foremost purpose of staying home is to be safe from the virus. Exercise can build up the immunity against a lot of your problems. Now most of you who go to gym and workout, are down by the fact that you can’t but always remember it’s not the equipment that kept you going it was your determination and passion. Let the circumstances not get in the way of your routines. And as for others I am sure you have been thinking of cutting out the carbs and setting out for exercising well here is biggest opportunity. The restaurants are all closed and as for the takeout food you don’t know where it’s been so definitely not secure and as for exercising you don’t have to go lengths just start on small start walking around the house no matter how small the room is there is always room to walk, so start on small, moving around it is also the best way to shed out the extra energy as well.

  1. Opportunity to be with family.

With the fast pacing and socialize with everyone times we have been ignoring the most important parts of our lives i.e. our families. It is not on purpose it is just the requirement of the modern times, with the long hours in the office or just to keep up with everything. There is much more going on in a working person’s head that he can keep up so some things are bound to left out and sadly one of them is family.  Let’s catch up share meals and play games with them best times. Carom, cards, ONO, Ludo or whatever. Despite of watching movies alone watch with them, have your own parties play music and have fun. Especially all the working fathers who never had the time, it’s time to be with your kids who might have some extra energy these days as well. Make this time a happy memory for them.

  1. Complete the on-hold chores.

Working from home is a lot harder than one can think of. There is not much time left but weekends are hard. People are used to go out to blow off steam, so staying home can be depressing but you can turn it around. For the people who work a lot there are some on hold chores. Some work laying around the house waiting its turn to which you each week say I will do it next weekend like the closet which needs to be organized, the back of the bed which needs to be cleaned. It is a well-known phenomenon that doing some unfinished work can give great deal of satisfaction. Also cleaning is worldwide remedy to stay calm and focused, u think it a bluff?, only one way to find out.

  1. Try to be there for yourself or others.

      These are no doubt difficult times but we all have to remember that we are not alone in this.   People all around the world are affected; the people in your own house are effected by it as well as by your behavior. So try to be happy for them. How about try returning to the hobby that you have left. Try to do things which can be helpful to you and others. Also do not forget about the under privileged. If you are self-sufficient please help those who work on daily wages. It will bring the kind of happiness that you are trying to achieve all along.

Just consider this time as the opportunity to drive your life the way you want not what the time wants.  Time is always changing, if it’s not what you think it would have been, it will not be as it is now. Let’s pray and hope for the best.

Stay Home Stay Healthy.

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