Feminism in a different light

“Wherever you find a great man, you will find a great mother or a great wife standing behind him -- or so they used to say. It would be interesting to know how many great women have had great fathers and husbands behind them.” 
― Dorothy L. SayersGaudy Night

Connotation of the term feminism is different in the mind of every one every woman as well as man derives a different concept from the term. Some defines it as women superiority over a man other defines it as getting rid of a male dominant society. A class of society will quote it as a struggle for women rights the other sees it as a process of educating woman.

The activists while talking about feminism often becomes ignorant towards the significance of a man in changing world for women. Feminists usually pass on the wrong ideas to their female audiences that a man around them are dominating them and regulating their lives according to their will.

The feminist movement today is different from the one of early nineteenth century because it began with the idea of equality, some of the women of those times began to educate themselves and despite of a huge and enormous opposition stood for their equal political and domestic rights.

They stood for woman’s suffrage to develop a consciousness in the society that women have an equal right to vote for a leader. While there used to be an outrage and protest on the roads there also was a literary effort supporting the movement in the background where a number of educated women devotedly involved themselves in awakening the consciousness of men towards the need of equal rights for woman by means of their letters books and poetry.

While the feminists of that era stood to arose an understanding of their equal rights the feminists of today promotes the idea of woman having greater rights than men they are not teaching the woman to stand for equality they are rather teaching them to weaponize their gender and demand for not equal but better rights than men.

Nowadays every women expects a male to vacant a seat for her on waiting areas of airports, in a transport or wherever they go if they see a man sitting on seat while they are standing they think of that man as shallow and illiterate person without understanding the fact that a man sitting on that seat has equal right over the seat because what they initially demanded for an equality in rights.

On the other hand when a quota for woman is allotted for different jobs and educational fields the men in the society shows their concerns over it and give a number of examples of how a seat secured by a woman is a seat wasted.

The idea of feminism is not about making a woman feel that she has a dominancy over man and also not about letting a man being superior over a woman it is a struggle to educate both man and woman side by side that none of them is superior than other and they both are equal when it comes to their right. A man does not have a right to domestically abuse a woman same way a woman does not have a right to do so with the men.

The qualification on which a woman is hired on the job should be the same for men. The right and facilities of education provided to the man should be equivalent to those provided to woman.

The purpose of feminism movement was not just to educate women to stand for their right it was also about educating a man about the significance of equal rights for woman it is about to convince a man to stand with them for their rights as both men and women are parts of society and they both have to stand for each other and with each other to maintain the balance of life and achieving a happy and prosperous life.

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