Fasting a month to change actions, thoughts and for dedication

Fasting a month to change actions, thoughts and for dedication

The pronunciation of Ramadan or Ramzan are same recalled by millions of Muslims in the world. Ramadan is basically the fifth pillar of Islam that is bestowed upon every Muslim as an obligation. Ramadan is the holy 9th month of fasting. The beginning and the ending of the month is sighted depending upon the new moon.

A person develop a real spirit during fasting in Ramadan. It is a month in which all the Muslims are bounded with brotherhood and unity with any personal mean and how can I forget the equality before GOD. All the positivity in an individual arose naturally as a product of fact of fast as they feel that they under the supervision of the same duty. In focusing the Islam Hammudah Abdalati says “People have been crying throughout the ages for acceptable 'belonging', for unity, for brotherhood, for equality, but how echoless their voices have been, and how very little success they have met..."

Why do we have fast? What do we gain in fasting? And what makes us so impulsive to fast from dawn to dusk? These are the question that are mostly asked by the Non-Muslims about the fast and even sometimes these question do occurs in our own little pathetic mind. So getting to be done with the questionnaires, creating the web of buzz of puzzled questions solutions some of the reasons are discussed below and they are:

·        Improvement of spiritual character:

Human nature is found to be very spiritual which is natural occurring. Thus the improvement takes place in the self- purification, will power and consciousness towards GOD with morality of the spirit sharing and caring and with the love of Almighty. Fasting is not the custom that is only practiced in Islam but it is will adopted in every religion with other religions means, as it is a universal custom. In others prospect the mere starvation is an act of worship and it improve the spiritual character of ones who oaths to worship in the situation of fast.

·        Month of self-analysis:

This month provides us an opportunity to think about ourselves. Here’s the time for you to have mental break that is a break from worries and stress on which we are bombarded in constantly. So as a unique month of self-analysis is bestowed take it as an assets because in West taking out time for yourself is considered luxurious that is needed desperately.

·        Makes us learn to endure patience:

Gratitude and patience is indoctrinates within us due to fasting. During fast we feel hungry and thirsty that let us to endure patience, patiently. This context lead us to the experience in a humanitarian way letting us sympathizing towards the needy people around the world. Fast is not the outer observing factor but it is for the inner clarity and inner satisfaction. The fact is true that if we help any poor or share their sorrows only the needy one feel safe and satisfied, either you are not in a term to pay any kind help but sharing the sorrows is also included in Lessing the burden of the needy. As said by the great and the last Prophet (S.A.W.W) "It is the month to visit the poor, the sick, and the needy to share their sorrows. It is the month where the food, sustenance and the earnings of a believing Muslim increases and they are blessed". In a meaningful way Ramadan is the discipline and the condition of reflection of the needy ones who may not be as fortunate as us.

·        Punctuality and time management:

It is also beneficial as it makes us punctual and let us know the importance of time relying over the time management. Fasting makes the people entire course of daily routine in an alternating way (change). A new system is adapt with the changed schedule.  This creates a self-power and wise sense to overcome the hardship of life which is unpredictable.

·        Cultivates the principle of sincerity and love:

The principle of sincerity and love is cultivated in us due to fasting which we do for the sake of Almighty love and blessings upon us. A person who truly love Almighty he will love everything on earth innovated by HIM for the sake of Almighty.

·        Realizes our dependency over Almighty:

Ramadan makes us realize about the death penalty. It insures us about our lives for the granted things that is food and water, which automatically relates our dependency on Almighty’s kindness and mercy. You come to know about the life after death which greatly impacts on our views for the world.

·        Washes our mind with distracting materialistic world:

During fast a clarity of mind and distraction from the materialistic world is focused greatly. During a fast we admire to focus on positive things that we are surrounded by while neglecting music, watching television and many other pleasing leisure. While filling the space over the academics studies and perception more about Islam and a well spent time with family, which reminds our values and purpose of life as Almighty says "O you who Believe! Fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may develop consciousness of God" (Quran 2:183).



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