Famous Fiction writers

The world of Fiction is not limited on any parameters, it cannot be narrowed down at one point neither can it be defined through one concrete definition. The authors of the fiction novels have introduced us with worlds that may not exist in the real world but they are definitely alive in the minds of the readers. The fiction can be very relatable reality where as it can also be remotely related to the real life experiences. Authors have introduced different genres of fiction which includes scientific, thriller, comedy, horror, and romantic fiction. Many famous fictions have also been put into the pictures with movies. The children fictions books such as Harry Potter have received as amazing response. The series of book was immediately screened as movies as well. There are hundreds of amazing fiction writers here we will talk about 5 writers who are famous for creating beautiful work through their fantastic fantasy.

  1.  J K Rowling

We are starting the list with a name which is mostly common and known to all the students of contemporary era, J K Rowling. The amazing writer became received great fame with her series of Harry Potter. Joanne Rowling writes the novels under the names of J K Rowling and Robert Galbraith. Being born in British J K Rowling is women with many talents best known for her novels she is also a film producer, television producer and a philanthropist. After Harry Potter she continued to write fiction for Children which includes “ Fantastic Beasts” series where as her famous novels for adults include The Casual Vacancy

  1. Ronald Dahl

The writer was previously a fighter pilot who later discovered his talent in writing. Ronald Dahl is best known for as the children writer for the numerous short stories he has penned down for the children. The writer always had a surprising climax for the children in his stories. The amazing characterization is one of the highlighted points in his books. The short stories often depicted adults as villains where as children as the saviors. Ronald became prominent as an author after 1940s. He became equally famous for his novels as books for adults as well he was awarded in 1983 with World Fabtasy Award for Life Achievement and the British Books Award as Children's Author of the Year in 1990. His famous works for children include James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda,The Witches, Fantastic Mr Fox, The BFG . The famous books for adults include Tales of the Unexpected. 

  1. Sidney Sheldon

The writer is 7th best fiction seller of all times. Sheldon was born in 1917 when the whole world was experiences the worst of its wars but he was safe and sound in United States of America.  He was a multi talented man who is best known as a writer and producer. Sheldon has written many plays and theater shows as he started working with Broadway plays later he worked for motion pictures as well. Although Sheldon has written many novels but his best works are on the theme of Romantic and fiction writings. The famous works of Sheldom includes The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, such as Master of the GameThe Other Side of Midnight and Rage of Angels.

  1.  Stephen Edwin King

Stephen is one of the most famous fiction writers of all times but this name is known specially to the generations of 1990s. The writer is commonly known as Stephen King, he has written numerous novels based on the horror and thriller fiction. The books included the characters which were supernatural and ghostly. Many books of Stephen King were later dramatized and also presented in forms of Movies.

The writer is also famous for short stories which were mostly published in book collections. Stephen had an amazing hold our the presentation of characters in his books, the author was awarded with many awards including received Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards and British Fantasy Society Award.

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