chances of safely Return of Muhammad Ali Sadpara and His Team: Winter K-2 Summit

K-2, Mount Godwin Austen is the highest peak of Pakistan and after the Mount Everest it is the second one in the world. In Karakoram mountain range in Asia, it is touching the skies with the elevation of 8611 meters, and in feet, it is 28,250’ above sea level. It is the only peak that had never been climbed from the eastern side as this side is known as the impossible side.  

In winter it had never been climbed by the climbers due to extreme weather situation. Mount Everest is taller than K-2 but not as dangerous. Because the death rate on K2 is 29%, while Everest has only a 4% death rate. The death ratio on K2 is 1:4. Climber climbs it only during the summer season especially in June and July.

Recently a team of 3 members from Pakistan Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri from Iceland and Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile attempted to climb the K2 in winter and lost their connection from their base camp last Friday dated  5 February 2021. K2 was summited only once before ever in the winter season. The team was reached the most technical portion of the K2, called bottleneck. After that, there is no information about them. No one knows either their GPS is out of coverage or there is something else issue but the nation is praying for their safety and miracle come back.

Sajid Ali, the son of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, was also part of the team but he came back from the death zone due to some equipment issues. All the three mountaineers are experienced but according to Sajid Ali, the chances are zero of their being alive till now. He has assumed that his father is no more. As on practical approach, in the death zone of the K2, it is almost impossible to live more than 16 hours.  

Man needs to maintain his oxygen level and body balance both simultaneously and maximum survival time is between 16 to 20 days. But a mountaineer from Nepal has the record of staying live for 90 hours in the death zone. Due to this, all the national and international public are waiting desperately for the safe come back of Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his companions but the chances are nearly zero. Because more than 90 hours have been passed and still there is no news about their safety.

Pakistan ISPR team has started an operation to search for Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his companions but due to harsh weather conditions, they are unable to continue to search operation. It was expected to resume the search operation on Tuesday but the weather did not allow it even on Wednesday. All the team of basecamp, fellows, family, friends, and nation is praying the safe and sound comeback of Sadpara and the team from the deadly K2. Only prayers and a miracle can do this and still hopes, prayers, and awaiting eyes are frozen on the Killer K2.

Before him, those were Ashraf Amaan, Nisar Hussain Sadpara, Hasan Sadpara, and Samina Baig climbed K2 first ever in Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara is not an ordinary climber but a humoured nature man with a tough attitude towards hurdles faced during mountain climbing. According to his friends, he has a jolly nature and a good fellow in hard times of mountain climbing.  On asking in a debate in 2016 what makes a man mountaineer? Muhammad Ali Sadpara answered,

 “Mountains demand passion. Aap ki dillagi hone chahiyee paharoon kay saath [your heart needs to be in love with the mountains]”,  

He is only one mountaineer of Pakistan climbed 8 of the 14 peaks having elevation Up to 8,000 meters.  Mountaineer profession is his passion and the same is the inherited son. According to Muhammad Ali Sadpara his journey was the result of “due to hard work and sheer luck”.  In an Interview, Sadpara told that he started his early career as a Porter in mountainous areas.

One of my very first jobs was to deliver supplies to Pakistan Army posts leading to Siachen way back in the mid-1990s

Govt of Pakistan has maintained a team of four high altitude porters for the recovery of Ali and teammates after locating them through aerial search.  This search probably is extended to 60 days. After locating the exact positions of the climbers, the Porters team will start the ground search.  In this search, four trained HAP’s and a same number of rescue men will be included.  This mission is getting hard due to harsh weather conditions and upcoming winter challenges making it more difficult to continue the search in a regular manner. Today the HAP’s will reach the basecamp.

On other hand it is the duty of social media and the public to keep the emotional and social behaviour of the climber’s family as private as it could be.


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