Expectations and merits push a student towards suicide

One who is living a happy life cannot imagine committing suicide. Some people argues that the person who commits suicide is selfish but the point to ponder is that what makes a person commits suicide in such a beautiful  years of his life, what are the factors that stimulates him to kill himself at that stage of his life where he has begin to discover himself, his passions and his emotions.

Psychologists believes that there is a mental illness behind every suicide if that is a reason than we don’t call a person who dies from a disease selfish instead of blaming a person who has committed suicide we should find the factors which has lead that student to kill himself so that we can prevent any such kind of cases in future.

A student usually commits suicide in a state of depression which means that depression is as dangerous of a disease as cancer because they both when get serious leaves a person dead. To find the causes behind student suicide we first have to find the causes of their depressions.

It is usually said that a student commits suicide because of an unexpected failure in exams but the world has witnessed students who are high achievers committing suicide. Last year in India a girl committed suicide even after passing her exams with flying color because she was forced to choose a career for herself which she never wanted to choose. Many students in Pakistan have to go through the same situation as our parents do not want to settle for anything lesser than a doctor or an engineer.

Some children are forced to pursue a career which their parents once wanted to pursue for themselves and could not pursue it for some reason in the past. In recent years a girl committed suicide before her exams because she was petrified that how will she face her parents if she could not succeed in the exams.

But we cannot blame parents alone, our educational system is equally responsible for the cause where a student has a pressure of achieving such high score just to get admission in a college or he has to compete with more than a million student s for a seat available for 100 students only. The meritocratic system of education of our country is itself responsible of taking many young lives.

However we as society need to work hand in hand to find ways to overcome the factors which pushes a student towards suicide. We first needs to understand the importance of letting our children choose for themselves as every child has different caliber. A child who fails to be a doctor may has capabilities to be a good teacher or a child who scored drastically low in his engineering exam may do astonishingly well in a cricket ground.

Except for that we must try to develop tolerance in our children towards failures and it can be achieved only if the parents instead of only preaching them practice what they preach themselves. Always make a child feel that there is nothing bigger than his life and how you accept him with both his successes and failures.

Moreover whenever a parent notices even a slightest bit of change in behavior of their child they should take their time to listen to them and their problems and only then they can understand their problems and help them to find a solution to it.

Biggest is that pain which left a person with no other option than death. A student feels the same pain while thinking of committing suicide. It’s not a student who takes his life it’s the depression, stress and fear of not being able to do anything in future that kills him so we should teach our children to love themselves more than their careers and should not burry them under the burden of those expectation which they don’t have ability to fulfill.

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