Essential Skills for Freelancers

Ameer Shah

 Freelancing is an extremely hard business to both get into, and keep running but this article is an attempt sorting the skills required for anyone to be a freelancer and start earning by the process of freelancing. There are a lot of skills that are specific to the niches but this article will cover all the skills that are broadly applicable among all niches.



No matter what your niche in terms of freelancing is, one thing you ought to do is to promote your business. You have probably heard the saying “If you made a flying car, but never got out of your house to tell someone, no one would no”, the truth of the situation is that, if you are good at doing certain things then you must tell everyone and prove to them that you are good unlike those who claim to be good, the market of freelancing is saturated to no end with people who either think or claim to be good but actually aren’t.


Engagement Skills

When you go on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork or something similar, what you immediately find is that people have made extremely eye-catching sights of their advertisement banner, thumbnail, and titles. Everything about those top ads is attractive, as these ads are supposed to be attractive and are created by people with very good engagement skills to get more work to their business. The reason for this is the saturation of the market, there are just so many ads and sellers that you need to be different in order for any buyer to notice you.


Social Skills

The most important factor in being a successful businessman and in this case freelancer is to have a good grip on your words and being able to think quickly as to what should be spoken here. This process is natural but naturally uncontrolled so you must quickly rethink your words before saying them because they can have a large impact on your every subsequent action. You might have heard the saying “Words are your slaves until spoken then you become their slave”. This saying is as popular as it is because it truly does grasp all the essence of social skills, you must know what you are saying before saying it but you must say it quickly too.


Computer Skills

Your niche really doesn’t matter here because you must have enough computer and technological skills to set up your account, activate it, have communications methodically, have communication over the net, using freelancing websites, creating your ad banners, sharing your ad banners, using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You might also need some skills to create auto-chat bots, makes photoshops and most importantly using mobile phones to have chats


English Skills

This is perhaps the most important of aforementioned skills because very few clients will actually be from Pakistan or your native country who speak your native language so, in that case, you would need a universal language that both you and your client can speak and in our world, English has become that language. It is essential to have English under your belt but other languages such as French, African, and Russian may as well be helpful because some client may not know English and hesitate to talk to someone who advertises entirely in English so in that case, other languages will help further your reach


At the end

Even though these skills are essential for freelancers you can most definitely learn them more easily then you have learned your niche. It is incredibly important to have all of these skills but if you don’t have one of these you can still continue doing your work as a freelancer while learning these because having these will definitely bring more clients to buy your services.



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