English language as a materialistic language for career

English language as a materialistic language for career

Yes for today’s stunning world English language has become a fashion as a necessary, accessory to wear with you wherever you go. And for any job you apply for, the interview that is being conducted is formally is in English communication. Why English seek such importance when our native language is Urdu?

Here, we come up with so many approaches, as the 21st century is technological era and for so far all the technologies are innovated with the English language.

Why, I am concluding English as a materialistic language that is because wherever we go even in our society, school, and offices, ever for restaurants English has spelled a folk environment around us and we have to deal with it. A person with less knowing skills of English linguists is somehow considered less worth in our society.

It’s good that one should have a good command over English and many other languages. But profound and indulged within its grammar and seeking other with less knowing rules of perception, thus, giving less respect is uncontrollable.

·        English and Urdu must be given same respect living in our in society

·        Its “OK” to know English but indulging it in your ribs and forgetting your native language is sometimes a feeling of coward

We should all seek an example from China, that is, they are the no.1 innovators of the world and they invent new techs in their language, which is now being studied by many other countries as a part of the subject and then those other countries translate such language into their language.

Here, I am not demoralizing the linguistic skills of English but my means of construction of this article is that English should be a recipe of respected language but should not be more worth important as our own language.

One should know the basic structures of the language, which is related to the grammar and tenses. In many jobs in which a candidate apply for a part time job are mostly the call centers and call centers in Pakistan are mostly the international franchises that are opened to sell their product and they need an employee who has full command over English with accents (American and British).

As a student, you should read novels, English newspaper and should watch movies with subtitles, so you can furnish your skills for linguistics. Because when you go for an interview for any job, your very first impression that appreciates your selector is your confidence level and your English communication.



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