Why education themed low for women?

Why education-themed low for women?

Even on 8th of March themed “International Women’s Day” (IWD) is celebrated world widely as their combat oppression on behalf of a different gender. But the thing that is found problematic here is the gender gap which leads that two third of the illiteracy rate countdown on women’s education. According to international calculations, studies found that there are 66% of the male being hired in all universities of the world. Here come many of the reasons with their outcomes:

·         Gender equality

·         Themed jobs

·         Co-education

·         Different professions

·         Judged by different criteria

·         Psychological stereotyping nonsense or blaming girls for education  

The above reasons for not educating you wife, daughter, and sister can be resisted by the distribution of same laws making and them implementing it in a positive way.

1.      Gender equality:

I think we should come across with the example of death and birth, that is as man and women are born in the same way, they will be buried in the earth at the same place. Means none of the genders are placed higher or lower in the way of existence and death. Then why men hypocrite women on being educated. So, at this level women should speak up for their rights because words matter a lot on the psyche of every person. Different non-government organizations should stand up for such issues and some the non-government institutes are working on it, as  “Karwan-e-Ilm” is one of the organizations who’s providing funds to the families who have a brilliant child especially women.

2.      Themed jobs:

Women’s sometimes are labeled for some professions. Even those parents who are willing to educate their daughters wants their daughter mostly to become a doctor and teacher. They don’t or they can’t interpret the future of their daughter as they are not able to interpret their sons within the circle. Because a girl can also be an Engineer, Architecture and software specialist. They can be a tech mentor, too. For example “Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa”.

3.      Co-education as a fence:

Parents are very much concern about their daughters no matter to which religion, ethics, and laws they belong or they follow. From the highest to the lowest level standardized people care about their daughter. As entering to the 21st century the technology is inherited in the wind with one click you can know the world. So here non-serious relationships and friendships can affect not only one life but a whole family. Some parents don’t send their daughters to educate them, because of boys. So for this even government has taken a step for building the separate school for girls and boys. One thing that the parents and their child have changed is the school of negative thoughts.

4.      Different professions:

Women’s by joining different profession can stand up with the world. Choose your profession with the cold and stress-free mind, makeup list of your skills for the profession when you have really admired it with enthusiasm. Get educated through the chosen field and let the world know who you are.

5.      Judged by different criteria:

Now, this is one of the boring reality of our society that the passion of women is not demoralized by the men only but by another woman itself encounter the dream of other women. So don’t fed up by haunted taunts just repeal it and go for your dreams.

6.      Psychological stereotyping nonsense or blaming girls for education:

This one can be related with the taunts that you lose faith in yourself and get mentally disturbed by haunting taunts. In this scenario, you just need a positive adviser and a psychiatrist who can trait your brain power and blow a flame.

In all aspects, it can be piled by these words that “Women’s are not less than Men”. So what if their physically different but they are up to trait with a man like sitting, standing, walking, talking and thinking up to date.  


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