Education can enlighten up “Ghost Schools”

Education can enlighten up “Ghost Schools”

By Ariba Qureshi

Education is the necessary tool for everyone either man or women. Everyone should have the right to avail the opportunity to get educated. We should remove disparity among male and female on the behalf of education. Why school, when it is created to be called school is messed up and turned into a “Ghost School”? Why don't we give it a fanatic solution to such discussion by enlightening the role of education? There are some remedial solutions, which I am going to discuss them hereby.

The steps that we as a community could take are:

·        First of all, government organization instead of spending millions on contractors for reconstruction maintain the building and the surrounded area through cleanliness.

·        Contact media organizations to aware the potential of ghost school, through their source of the media, such as newspaper, radio channels, and televisions.

·        Raise funds in the name of Ghost School, through medium sources, pamphlets, broachers, and banners to repel the illiteracy rate from the society.

·        Arrange workshops for parents, teacher, and students.

·        Hire educated staff and arrange meetings regulatory.

·        Give technological education to all the classes.

·        Require affordable fee structure so that everyone could participate.

·        The level of the school can be maintained if the faculty of school is sincere and they really understand the meaning of education and their importance in our illiteracy rate in our society.

·        Government should take a step to provide free education that must be compulsory for every grown human (child).

·        Government can reconstruct Ghost Schools instead of constructing new schools. This maintenance should be over-checked two to three times in a month by the ministry of education officials themselves.

·        In official’s tours, attendance of teachers and students must be an overview by authorities as if the school is not converted into cattle pens.

However, the groups of campaigns for maintaining an education in ghost school can be outrageously beneficial for their certain projects.


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