Dressing in success matters; the scientific rationale

Presentable personality is a way to portray your positive and clean image in your office or other workplaces. The phrase "dress for success" has been echoing around and it does make sense. The reason behind this phrase could be your psychological cleanliness because getting dressed up would get you a sense of being out of your home and focus on your work. Undoubtedly, you'll get compliments from your colleagues and a gaze of your female co-workers full of attraction. 
There have been scientific studies how dressing up affects your interest and resulted productivity in your office work. In support of this opinion, the Scientific American claimed that dressing up formally enhances the productivity of a person. For example wearing a tie in an office makes you work more sharply and stay active as compared to casual dressing. The lifters use red color clothes in order to lift heavier weights. 
Dressing up formally can lead you to be more confident and productive. for the support of this viewpoint, the researcher has claimed that not only dressing but your intention and commitment to your work also matters.The intention and hard work lead you to the success and prove "dress for success" to be true and applicable. 
So next time while dressing up for your office or your university presentation, do prefer formal dressing to be more sharp and productive. 


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