Dr. Javaid Akram, The story of a Self Made man.

We do not have the choice to choose our families. We get birth and become part of the group of people we are completely unfamiliar about. Slowly the family becomes our identity. We start to belong to it and develop accordingly. The people who take birth at famous and wealthy families are considered as fortunate. It is considered that they do not have to face the harsh realities of the world as they are provided it everything at hand. The children belonging to famous families are mostly known with their family name rather than their own. The young people seem to enjoy the blessing however, there is one person who left the luxuries and comforts behind to develop his own journey to success. Dr. Javaid Akram has one unique story of success, self-reliance, and determination.

Dr. Javaid Akram was born in a politically and legally famous Araain family. His father was the famous justice in the Supreme Court of Pakistan However, his siblings decided to become part of politics and legal system like their forefathers. Dr. Javaid was the youngest of the siblings and he completely changed the ritual of the family by deciding to study Medical. It was the desire of his mother that encouraged him to become a doctor.

He started his early education from Aitchison School Lahore. He completed F.Sc. from Government College. He later got admission in Nishtar Medical College on merit.  The life he spent at Nishtar Medical was no less than an adventure ride. He joined Jamiat in college but later he becomes against them and became the co-founder of the Liberal group. He was very actively involved in extracurricular activities, once he ended up in jail due to his disagreement with Jamiat. He was force transferred to Bahawalpur Medical College on the disciplinary action against him. Being the young and energetic man he filed the case against University as the result he was sent to King Edward University.

Dr. Javaid decided to move to England for better exposure and explore better learning opportunities in the last days to his house job. He rejected the offer of appointment in MEO hospital to step out for his dream to struggle for his career growth. He came across the most difficult times in the time he spent in England but he refused to take any help from his family. He continued to experiment with different businesses in England to run his day to day financial affairs. Further, he completed part 1 and 2 of MRCP and became registrar at the Hal Roye Medical College in England.

Dr. Javaid was fortunate to marry his class fellow who supported all his decisions. Later he had to come back to Pakistan due to serious sickness of his father. He remained in Pakistan after his father’s demise. He started to work as the Assistant Prof. in King Edward Medical College as he received the 1st position in all Punjab PPSC examination. He continued his struggle of life and became the principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College. He was the first Vice-Chancellor of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University. He also worked as the Chief Executive of Pakistan Institute of Medical University. Currently, he is the Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences.

The journey of achievements did not stop with it. Dr. Javaid Akram gave complete liberty to his children to choose their own journey of life. His daughters also became doctors but his elder daughter Ayesha adopted his father’s approach and continued her passion for journalism.

Dr. Javaid Akram refused to be fed with a silver spoon and embraced the hardships to become self-reliant and a self-made person. Now, he owns every achievement and failure he has endorsed in life. Now, Dr. Javaid Akram is not known with his family name but his family known as the family of Dr. Javaid Akram. Listen to the unique life story of Dr. Javaid Akram in the interesting interview with Career Karwan.

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