Dear Matric students, Here is Your Guide to Choose the Right Subjects for Intermediate

The decision making power makes a person stand out in all the exams and tests of life, including academic and practical. The student life is the part of life where you would face a lot of challenges including choosing the right subjects for intermediate. These subjects lay foundations of the career which a student is will be pursuing in the future.

Unfortunately, career counseling has been a weaker aspect of career choice in Pakistan. The parents, as well as teachers, usually fail to direct the students in the right way. If you’re confused which career path to follow and where to reach in your life, here is a complete guide for you.

Choose What Suits Your Interests the Best

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The choice of subjects can be hard due to the availability of a vast number of subjects including science, commerce and arts. The student should not get confused in this huge number of available subject options. Choose what suits your interest the best and avoid opting any subjects which do not match your taste and tendencies.

Focus on Your Strengths

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Your strengths are your companion in every hurdle and obstacle of life and you carry them throughout your life. If you’ve just passed your Matric exam or waiting for the result, just make sure that you are focusing on your strengths rather fears. Focusing on your stronger aspects will allow you to attain success in your career.

Change of Educational Board

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The students usually study and take exams under the supervision of same board each year. The practice could be fine but just keep in mind that you have the option of changing your educational board after submitting an NOC to your desired board. You should be aware of the fact that this decision can have its own consequences. Some boards are easier to pass the exams and others are harder, comparatively.

The students can choose one of three available groups for the intermediate class which are science, commerce and arts.


Science subjects are hard to study and harder to pass if you do not do it with passion and interest. The science subjects offer three further groups to opt one. These groups include pre-engineering, pre-medical and intermediate with computer science (ICS).

•    FSC (Pre-Medical)

•    FSC (Pre-Engineering)

•    ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science)


The certification is known as I.Com. (Intermediate in Commerce) where a number of students take admission in the said programme. The admission leads the students to the field of business, banking and accounting etc. If you’re not interested in concrete facts of science and want to join the business industry, go for I.Com.


Arts is considered an easier and invaluable field usually and people do not prefer to opt for arts subjects in college. But the fact is, arts subjects lead you to plenty of interesting fields like literature, teaching, journalism and many more.

Excluding the compulsory subjects, which are compulsory for each field of study in intermediate, here are the group out of which you can opt one subject from each group.

Group A


·         Economics

·         Arabic   

·         Education

·         Persian    Civics

·         English Literature

·         Urdu Literature


Group B   


·         Statistics

·         History of Islam

·         Geography

·         Home Economics

·         Philosophy

·         Psychology


Group C


·         Mathematics

·         Physical Education

·         Fine Arts

·         Sociology

·         Computer Studies

All the best. 

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