Darkness to light

Once there was a garden in which I was a happy plant with full of leaves and flowers. I was a lush green alive plant who loved to enjoy the sun light when it showered its light, the moon when it came right over the top and let me shine in the darkness, a wind that gave me a swing with a melody of sparrows, the rain who awaken me up with its drops to shine again.

I had a time when flowers gave me fragrance and butterflies used to dance on the music of honey bees' resonance. Summer and spring loved me and I loved everything around not knowing what comes after summer and spring. One night, I felt change in the temperature.

It was quite frosty and I never had such difficulty before. This bleak surprise disturbed me, stressed me up and finally sun came back and I got some relief. I looked myself and I felt little crispy than the other day. Sun went, moon came, and that icy wind again wobbled me entirely. In a hassel of surprise I felt depressed. That entire night I felt the most frozy wind waves ever passed by.

And the morning was not the same as yesterday. I saw my stems looked dry which made me worried if this stem would hold me firmly. I felt things are not happening in the way I wanted. I started to ruin, dry and found it so hard to sustain my link with the stem.

A wind came and joggled me entirely and my leaves departed from my stem. I fell on the ground. Oh! that day I lost all hopes to live.i was finished almost i think....i was disappointed and hopeless. I started to miss that time when I was so cherry and blissful. With all this cry I found myself helpless.

On a ride of this wind, I rolled over and over. All my life was about to end as there was nothing left to hope about. People walked over me with bared feet to enjoy my leaves crispiness when they crushed me. I was destroyed, and my time was over.

This chilled sand enveloped me and I fell aslep for a long time. I remember I started to became a part of sand and started to turn in a soil. One morning,sky coverd with clouds and rain come. The soil, naturally started to merge with my roots. I was given water, sunlight and here i started to grow in a form of a plant with small leaves. I grew above the land and there was again my sunshine, butterflies and swinging singing pleasent air. Oh! how hopeless I was! when I fell down to the ground. And now I am again a beautiful plant. I want to tell you .. ....

We all are plants in this garden of world equally challenged as this plant with hurdles and accidents. You just need to keep going and it is always recommended to keep Hope. You can fight back. You will definitely get another chance. Just keep walking! keep trying! You will of course fall once or twice, but there is a nature who will help you to resurrect. Remember, keep hope.

A one second of hope is better than disappointment. Be hopeful ....be courageous in your life, may be today is notgood , there would be a chilled wind. There would be somes departures from your beloved ones. There would be some people crushing you . But keep hope that your sun will shine again and will raise you again. And this time is so near..! Always be hopful beacause all is not lost.

Written by : Husan Aara

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