CPEC is China Pakistan Economic Corridor

By Farzeen Amin

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the most misunderstood phenomenon from last few years. Thanks to the many intellectuals sitting in every news channel the concept has become an issue of concern. The establishment of Gwader Port is seen as Chinese intervention in the lands of Pakistan. The increasing number of Chinese people in Pakistan is considered alarming by some think tanks. The issue of CPEC in actual is not such a big issue. It is a very simple yet lengthy project. The confusions are mostly created by Indian and American analyst and media because it is not in their interest.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an economic project which includes the development of Gwader port and a road link of Chinese province Xinjiang to Pakistan. China at this point of time mostly uses Malacca Trait for its trade purposes. China is an industrial state; the industries require fuel for its work to continue. The Gwader port will provide direct link to central Asia and Persian Gulf to china. Persian Gulf and central Asia has most of the natural gas and oil reserves. The trade route from Gwader port is 1/3 lesser than Malacca strait. It will provide direct link to the Strait of Hormuz, ports of Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea.

The project of CPEC is of mutual benefit for both Pakistan and china. The mistaken perception of Chinese intervention in Pakistan is completely faulty. Pakistan has not sold any part of its land to china rather china has invested in the development of this port because of the future trade benefits. Pakistan on other hand will grab a better power position to negotiate with every state that utilizes Gwader Port for trade purpose. The security conditions of Balochistan have become less severe as Gwader port is the key towards development of the long ignored province. The project of CPEC will bring better job opportunities for the people of Pakistan.

CPEC has already attracted several states towards the investment in this mega project. Recently Saudi Arabia has proposed to invest in CPEC. China and Pakistan has welcomed Saudi Arabia to become party of the rapidly developing project. CPEC is an economic corridor which will bring Pakistan upwards in economic activities. The global approach of the port has made in controversial for India, which does not want Pakistan to prosper. India takes CPEC has a threat to its defense and economy. India has claimed that china is trying to encircle India with its pearls of ports around it. Gwader port is taken as one pearl of the string being created. The arrest of Indian Agent Kulbushan Yadev from Balochistan has proved Indian involvement and resentment towards the growth of CPEC. Recently Indian PM Modi has raised the concern about Gwader port which Chinese officials have negated.

China is rising as a tough competitor of America. It has the second largest economy. America has to counter the increasing economic and defense relations of china with other states. US have shown its resentment towards the establishment of Gwader Port at several events. Despite continuous opposition of CPEC from countries like America and India, the mega project in on its way towards final stages. Last year the first phase of the project has been completed. Some economists have criticized CPEC for the economic crisis in Pakistan. Asad Umer the finance minister of Pakistan has rejected involvement of CPEC in current economic issues. It is accepted by mostly all the political parties of Pakistan that CPEC is an important project for the development of Pakistan.


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