Cost of living in Pakistan

The nation of Pakistan is putting the best of their efforts in grappling the rising cost of living in Pakistan but it has risen to an extreme where people living in the bottom and middle layer of social stratification are failed cope with the rising cost of living in country.

People despite of paying more than half of the portion of their income as taxes are deprived of even the most basic amenities. Larger proportion of the population has to pay for clean drinking water every day and along with this they also have to pay for the monthly bills for water coerced on them by government. The extra cost that people spent on water is due to the failure of government for not replacing the supply of contaminated water with clean drinking water to our houses.

Every month one out of five people living in Pakistan has to pay more than he earns for the repairing of the electrical appliances which he might have bought by saving a proportion of his salary for months as the same appliance has destroyed by the unwarned fluctuations of voltage moreover almost everyone is left with no option other than buying a UPS or generator for his house and work places due to the life taking load shedding of electricity and along with all these expenditures he has to pay for a huge amount of electricity bill more than he actually utilized to the state every month.

Akin to an animal chasing his prey people has to run behind their basic necessities which are promised by almost every state of the world to its citizen but the Pakistan has to go through a reverse situation where taxes are used  somewhere no one can know.

If a person unfortunately falls ill in this country then he is coerced to go to a private hospital for treatment as most of the government hospitals lack facilities especially the one established in the rural areas of the country. The disastrous incident of oil tanker at Ahmedpur Sharkia has shown the shameful condition of the health department of the state.

A country where a larger portion of budget is devoted to law and order witnesses no such law and order on the streets and roads of the country except for the days of a VIP or VVIP movement. A commoner of this country still becomes victim of street crimes everyday a young girl still feels unsafe while traveling alone at night and children when go to school mothers stay worried at home till they come back.

An individual living in this state has to pay for his each and every necessity, be it health, education, food, shelter, water and what not. Many of the people living in urban area have to hire private people for the security of their houses. This is the story of every citizen of this country where the emphasize is laid upon establishing roads and highways yet people dies in devastating road accidents every day. This is the story of every citizen who passes each month neck to neck and left in a hand to mouth situation in the end of every month.

Forty million people of this country live below poverty line, 67 percent of total population does not have a shelter to live in, 37 percent of children are malnourished and 20 million children are still out of school. These are the statistics of the country freed decades ago but in reality we got freedom from the Hindus and became slaves of the expenditures forced on us due to consistent failure of our state to provide for us.

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