Compulsory Subjects of CSS

The examination of Central Superior Services is around the corner, mostly the examinations are held in the month of February. Every year thousands of students appear in the examination from across Pakistan. The test for CSS is divided in 4 major parts, the written text, medical test, psychological text and the viva voce. The written test for CSS is the main and toughest part of the examination.

The written test for CSS is further divided into 2 main parts the compulsory subject’s examination and the optional subject examination. The compulsory subjects are uniform for all the students and all of them have to pass the subjects with at least 40 percent. the list of Compulsory subjects is given bellow

  1. English Essay

The subject comprises 100 marks. English Essay examination is considered as the most tough paper which hundreds of students fail to pass. The examination would ask you to a comprehensive essay on the issue that is asked. The topics of the essay can be diverse but mostly it is regarding the current scenario of Pakistan and world.

  1. English (Precise and Composition)

The subject of English is divided English Essay and English Precise & Composition. This subject also comprises 100 marks examination. The exam is completely different from the previously mentioned one. The test for the subject is mostly tricky and precise. The students also get to have grave difficulty in the examination of composition and preci.

  1. General Science and Ability

The subject has a wide range of questions from general science, general knowledge. The subject also analyzes your ability in performing different tasks provided in diverse situations. The subject of Mathematics is also included in the section of Ability recently. It is a difficult yet the most interesting examination in CSS tests. The subject holds 100 marks.

  1. Current Affair

The subject regarding current affairs is also compulsory in the CSS test of 100 marks. The current affairs not only include the changing trends and settings in Pakistan but in consist of all the national, international and global affairs of the world. The current affairs are the subject that checks your intellect and the interest in the world affairs.

  1. Pakistan Affairs

Every day , month and year new and significant events occur in Pakistan at local, provincial and national level, the events contribute in shaping the policies and structure of is a 100 marks subject. The subject includes the in-depth study of Past and present issues of Pakistan. Pakistan Affairs includes both history and present scenario of the state.

  1. Islamic Studies/ Comparative study of Major Religions

The subject of Islamic Studies is compulsory to attempt in test for the Muslim students. The students mostly take the subject as the easy one which results in failure of hundreds of students in Islamiat every year. For the non Muslim students or minority students the comparative study of Major relations is offered. The examination comprises 100 marks

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