Communication skill, a stepping stone towards success

Communication- the human connection is the key to personal and human success.

-Paul J. Meyer.             

Communication is an art of connecting with other people by means of speech. The vitality of it is emphasized by almost all the career counselors and psychologists of the world. Imagine if the great philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi would never had communicated with people initially the foundation of the Edhi Centers could never had been laid. Imagine if Sir Syed Ahmed khan had never communicated the idea of two nation theory to the people of subcontinent our condition today would be same as the innocent Muslims of Indian held Kashmir.

Revolutions are made by this utilizing the single skill of communication. Hundreds of countries are enjoying their freedom because idea of freedom was communicated to the people somewhere by someone at first place. Ideas and innovations become worthless if not communicated. Imagine if Steve Job has kept the ideas of himself or Bill Gates never had let the world know about Microsoft than all this invention would have been put to waste.

If we dive deep in to history we’ll see the see history witnessing some great religion being spreading by means of communication and some great wars had been fought due to lack of communication. Even Islam has stresses on the importance of preaching.

Another evidence which supports the significance of communication is that the postal service is one of the first service to be introduced in the world where people were hired specially for the purpose of conveying message to the living at distant places then Alexander Graham Bell made the communication much easier by inventing telephone and now the technology has empower the individual to just press button and communicate with whole wide world.

Many people in the world have great ideas and scope of success but a lack of communication skills. Some people are born with a talent of remarkable communication skills we all have met people whose speech can grab the attention of the audience in a second who can speak in a manner that his ideas are never rejected by the people but some people born with the lack of this vital skill of achieving goals.

However like all other arts and skill the skill of communication can also be learnt and in order to do so one needs to adopt a few habits he must first begin with communicating with one self he can look into the mirror and talk to himself and while doing so he needs concentrate on his body language to check if his body language corresponds with his words and then adjust his body language according to his speech. We all have been to a debate competition once in life where besides the content and voice quality of a speech a portion of judgement is assigned to the gestures and body language as the body language of a person has an impact on his audience.

Besides that a person who wants to polish his communication skills need to avoid using unnecessary fillers while talking as the fillers makes one sound less confident about what he is conveying. He must learn to talk with clarity and preciseness as it makes him look specific and confident about his speech.

Another technique which can be used to grab the attention of the listener is by beginning the conversation with a small interesting story or anecdote and then proceeds to the main idea slowly and by making himself available for the questions.

A good listening can also make you a good communicator because it makes you understand the problems of others and make you aware of the things they want to listen. It is very important tailor ones speech according to the audience. As a patient would never go to doctor to talk about politics and preschool teacher would not sit with his students and talk about his marital problems. No one goes to a cricket stadium to watch a game of hockey likewise no one listens if you want talk about what interests him.

Communicating and connecting with people has an impact on person’s personal as well as professional life the sooner you’ll learn it the sooner you’ll take a step towards your success, the sooner you’ll adopt the sooner you’ll find yourself reaching your goals so if you are not good on it start working on it from today as today is the right time and now does it begin.

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