Commonly given fake career tips

When it comes to looking for a job we search for the tips that can help us to find a good job and pull off an impressive interview but very few of them are worth depending on and rest should be ignored as many career tips given to us initially are of no good and destroys our career instead of giving it a good start.

The career advices that are usually given to us includes how to look in an interview, how to fill resume, what kind of a job to look for etc though many of the tips are useful but there are some that are best to ignore.

One frequent career advice that is given to us is “to be yourself during an interview” being oneself is the best advice when it comes to every day personal life but the concept that being oneself can land one on a perfect job is a cliché as every move of us is judged in an interview what we wear, what we say, how we look etc so it is very important to present oneself in the best way possible without lying about your professional abilities. Many of us are lazy and like to roam around the home carelessly all day long, one can’t portray this behavior in an interview because it will land you on nothing but rejection so it is very important to present oneself in a best manner possible without bragging about one’s professional skills.

Another much given advice is “to fill one page resume”. The one page resume advice is given by many people. The concept that lies behind the idea is that a resume more than one page long can become a source of boredom for a person hiring so it is better to keep it brief.

The concept behind it is valid that it is better to keep it brief but one page resume is way briefer than demanded. Your resume is your first impression to the person hiring you so it is very important to write a resume in a way that it gives a complete sense of you to the reader, keep it brief and to the point but do not skip the mentionable experiences and qualification in order to achieve a goal of filling a one page resume.

The next frequently given advice is to “to do what you love and money will follow” this advice is incorporated in the heads of many people when they are looking for a job, to do what they love but many a times it’s not the good idea because it may not give you a hand full of income enough to provide you for the life style you have wished for yourself as it is a well known fact that some professions provides one with more income than others. For example if a person loves singing but he is not good at it then there is no point of seeing the work you love as a profession as it will earn him nothing but hopelessness.  So instead of focusing on what you love one should focus on the things he is good at. One can pursue a career in sports if he is good in sports, one can pursue a career in arts if he is good at arts but it does not mean that a person should not look for a career beyond what he is good at as there are many examples where a person has started something from a scratch without having any knowledge of it and took it to the heights of success by putting his hard work into it. So while listening to this particular advice one should always think about its pros and cons keeping in view one’s abilities.

There are advices given on how there are some documents that are not even read by the recruiter and are not important to attach while sending a job application, when in reality each and every document has its own importance for example many jobs asks for a cover letter and people applying for jobs consider cover letter dead and useless and instead of attaching it with their application they consider it best to not waste their time in writing a cover letter but in reality each  and every document demanded by the recruiter shows your professional discipline that how you address the instructions, not attaching a document demanded can make you look unprofessional and irresponsible at very first step of taking a job.

There are completely wrong salary negotiation advices given to people every now and then including demanding for less salary in order to get a job or demanding a high salary in order to get a handsome income package both the advices has proven useless for many people as one should never settle for something that is paying him lesser than the actual worth of his work and one should never demand an impossibly high salary as it can make one look greedy, the best way is to do a research before negotiating salary by asking people who have previously worked on the position you are interviewing for or by gathering information about average amount of salary that is given to a person working in the same field then drive your salary expectation on the basis of the information gathered by you as it will not make you look greedy and will not provide you with lesser than what you deserve.

One advice that discourages many people in pursuance of a career is “it’s not what you do it’s whom you know”. No doubt contacts and PR are the best resource of getting into a good career but it does not mean that a person without contacts cannot be successful as there are people who have achieved the success in their career on their own without any contacts so instead of being discouraged one should always try to find and create opportunities for oneself.

The best kind of advices are those that are given by the person concerned about you so it is very important to choose from whom the advice should be taken as the person who lean too much on others vouching for him eventually hits a wall.

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