Common Problems Faced by Engineering Graduates in Pakistan

Engineering is considered one of the most respectable and money-making professions, but there is another side of this belief too. Many fresh graduates having brilliant CGPA fail to find even a basic job. Engineering graduates go through hard four years of studies and complete the degree with sweat and blood but fail to find a job. It is obvious that finding a job for a fresh graduate is not a piece of cake and he/she goes through a lot of struggle but what if you fail to find a job according to your highly prestigious degree?

This article is not intended to discourage the students who are about to take engineering for their higher studies but one should be aware that earning an engineering degree and then finding a job is not a walk in a park.

With that being said, here are common problems which a fresh engineering graduate faces.

You need to be an Engineering Sorcerer

Many easier degree holders like in arts or an MBA can find a job of around 30k easily but the engineering students struggle a lot. An engineering student has to study a lot before the interview because the interviewer expects an engineer to be a sorcerer and asks the toughest questions one can imagine. He either has googled the toughest questions or spent centuries in the field because the questions are too hard to answer confidently.

You get an Internship with shallow job promise

Hundreds of companies hire students or fresh graduates to work as interns with a promise that they might get a job by the end of internship. But it rarely happens and companies do hire diploma holders to on half of the pay which an engineer would get. It happens in the market mostly but not entirely.

Low Pay Scale

The pay scale for an engineering graduate is too low. The companies are not willing to pay a good amount of money. An engineering graduate is paid as much as is required for food expenses. An engineer usually gets no more than 20,000 PKR and that is not enough for a person holding the engineering degree.

Lack of Research Development

The research in the field of technology is too low and the engineers are forced to change their professions. Sales Engineering is very much into the trends and students doing an MBA after engineering and doing jobs in the banks is ridiculous. This technological bleak condition of country answers the question, “why are we so backward in technology?”

You are not expected to be an Engineer


Let’s say you get a good job as an engineer but when you go to join the job practically, you realize that you’re not supposed to work as an engineer but a technician. There is no innovation in the field and all you need to work is fixing up the machines again and again.

Government should invite multinational companies to open their branches in Pakistan so that the engineers could be productive instead of being technicians. 

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