Common career mistakes made by people

“We learn from our mistakes” is a very meaningful phrase because when we learn from our own mistakes it makes us a better person and when we learn from our mistakes in our professional life it makes us a great professionalist.

There are a number of mistakes that are made by almost ninety percents of individuals pursuing for a career. While some mistakes have an impact on our working reputation for a short span of time others have a lasting effect on our careers. However like all other mistakes these career mistakes can also be fixed.

The most common mistake that is made by an individual is missing on a deadline. A task given to you by your company has a significant role to play in either short term or long term goal of your company. Your company may lose an important contract because of your failure to meet the deadline that is why it is very important to have an understanding of the vitality of meeting a deadline as your failure of meeting a deadline can present a portrayal of your lack of professional skills and lack of professional discipline.

In order to fix the mistake of not meeting the deadline you have find the cause which became a hurdle for u in meeting your deadline. To do so you need to break your work in bits and then check for the point which stopped you from completing your work on time.

The next most common mistake made by an individual is not negotiating the salary. While getting hired for a job one should consider it important to negotiate the salary with the person hiring you but to do so you have to be aware of your salary expectation and the salary usually offered to the people for the kind of job you are interviewing for. One can get this information from person who previously has an experience of the job or by way of internet.

The next mistake is not just damaging to your professional reputation but it also stops you from being successful, the mistake is to stop searching for a job when you are hired, one should never stop searching for a better job cause if you will stop to do so your professional growth will get hindered and your career progress will become static. If you will stop looking for better options you will lock yourself from the opportunities coming your way and your financial status will remain unchanged for years.

The next mistake is probably biggest of all other mistakes and that is burning the bridged you should never lose the contact with the people you are connected through your job. Usually when a person shifts to a new job he stops contacting with the people he used to know from his previous job, this mistake shows lack of professional behaviourism of a person so one should never burn bridges and stay connected with the people he has worked previously because the more people you interact with the more you will learn from them.

The last career mistake that is commonly made by a person is not brushing up his skills if one work just for the sake of work or just for having a salary and does not concentrate on brushing up his skills then he should consider his skills rusting because if he would not polish his skills he will lose his chances of growth so brushing up the skills should be one of the major goals of a person while pursuing a career.

A man who learns from his mistakes transforms himself in a better personality the above mentioned mistakes can be avoided to be better at your work, on the other hand one should never stop making mistakes as each mistake made by you becomes a source of learning for you and a person learns the best when he learns from his own mistakes and experiences. 

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