Colonel Sanders, what I learned from 1009 failures

The success of Colonel Sanders came from the flavor of his recipe. His story is about determination that set an example of perseverance, dedication, ambition and hard work in order to seek victory. Colonel marked his presence in the hearts of people around the globe. Regardless of his age, he succeeded in proving that the factor of age is not a hurdle in the way of attaining success. Colonel Sander is a well known figure who did great marketing of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “finger lickin good”. One could easily recognize him by the personality that he carried.

Colonel Sanders, a born chef belonged to a poor family, after the death of his father life became tougher for Sander’s family. Colonel was grounded for the responsibility to take care of his mother and siblings.
At the very young age he approached towards different organizations for jobs but his inner desire was to set his own venture. He spent half of his life working with various odd jobs just to acquire his aim of becoming a famous chef one day. He worked with a series of jobs, including stoking the steam engines of trains throughout the South, selling insurance, selling tires, making lighting systems, picking up meager paychecks as a farmhand, a blacksmith, a soldier, buggy painter and operator of a ferry boat. These all performed actions taught him the process of diligent and his tend to work with energy and commitment in order to achieve his goals. The taste was in the hand of Colonel as it was talent which needed to be polished through practice and trails. Colonel Sanders took a lot of time to prove his abilities in front of the world but time pay back to him and today Kentucky Fried Chicken is popular around the world.

Failures played a very significant role in every stage of his life. At age seventeen he had already lost four jobs. He didn’t lose them all, however, was fired from his first job working as a farmhand at the age of ten and received such harsh comments from his mother. Between then and the age of eighteen, he worked at several  farms as a carriage painter in Indianapolis, as a streetcar conductor in New Albany, Indiana, as a U.S. Army soldier in Cuba, and in various capacities for the Southern Railroad. Later, Colonel joined the army and served in Cuba but was fired after six months. When he tired of being what to approach next he took a job as a salesman with Prudential Life Insurance Company, and was so successful during his first year but failed again. Given all the various jobs to Colonel Sanders gave him the taste of failure every time. But later he accepted to work as a cook and a dishwasher, Colonel himself did not live as a billionaire but he left a fortune for U.S. through his recipe.

He created his career as an entrepreneur, the initial step towards the experimentation with chicken recipes. The idea was big but sources and income was less but who knew one day income will increase day by day only from one source that would be his own startup. After running a restaurant for several years, he found himself bankrupt. That time, he retired from the services and got his first social security cheque of 105 dollars. This was the turning point in his life and beginning of his worldwide fame. The financial success story begins from here that set an example for the people to have a strong faith in your thoughts and ideas that would make a way towards one’s dream.

Colonel Sanders didn't become a professional chef until he was forty, didn't franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was sixty two, and didn't became an icon until after he sold his company at seventy five. In 1952, he decided to deal with his restaurateur friend, Pete Harman, to sell his chicken dish as Kentucky Fried Chicken in exchange for a 4-cent royalty on every piece sold. After it became a top selling item, Sanders made the same deal with several other local restaurant owners.

Colonel faced many failures and rejections from different restaurants, these negative responses could lead him to stop chasing his life goal but the determination and strength of mind pay no heed towards the obstacles. He explored an idea to attain the reviews about various people by travelling to different areas. Colonel wanted his secret crunchy recipe to be tasted by every single person around the globe. He travelled by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. If the owner liked the chicken, they would enter into a handshake agreement to sell the Colonel's chicken. Even in this process of moving here and there Colonel Sanders heard 1009 "No"s before he heard his first "Yes". After a lot of failing attempts, Colonel in 1967 was ranked as the world's second most recognizable celebrity. It's amazing how the man started at the age of 65, when most of the people think to get retire and take rest but in the case of Colonel Sanders life granted him success and popularity at the age of retirement. He succeeded in building a global empire out of fried chicken. He died at the age of 90 in 1980, the business was build single handedly however, is now worth billions.

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