Choosing a career beyond passion

People who just have graduated from universities are in constant battle of choosing career and finding their passions. Some of them cannot think of career beyond their passions while others are not aware of their passions and trying to explore it.

The idea of getting a job one is passionate about has reached its peak in the current time of the world as many people ignore the thousands of job opportunities and remain jobless for years just because they cannot find a job they are passionate about.

However one needs to consider other opportunities as well. It will help him to stay grounded and will provide him with an opportunity of exploring the hidden passions within him. A survey conducted in America showed that seventy five percent of the successful people living in America are pursuing a career which they are not passionate about and are still living a happy life.

A person who is choosing for a career needs to ask himself a few questions which will help him to choose a career for him he first needs to find out what are the things other than his passion which can be pursued by him. He needs further ask himself if his educational background corresponds with the kind of work he is looking for.

Other than that he needs to inquire himself about the environment in which he’ll feel comfortable working for example some people does not like working in noisy places as the noises distract him from his work while some people like to working in crowded places as they like interacting with people around them while working.

Some people want to opt for a job which requires a work based on theoretics and research which involves working while sitting in an office environment while the idea of staying all the time in office bores some people and they prefer choosing a career which requires field work more than the usual office work.

The other question one needs to ask himself is what kind of a life does he want or if the work he is passionate about can facilitate him with the kind of lifestyle he wants to have for himself or does he has the right opportunities to pursue his passions.

In the country like Pakistan struggle for choosing a career for oneself is hardest as job opportunities are way less than the jobs required and if a person living here choose his passion over his opportunities then he is very likely to have an unsuccessful future but it does not mean that he has to choose for a job that does not make him happy, all he has to do is having an interrogation with oneself to find out about the careers beyond ones passion that can be chosen by him.

A man is born with an inquisitive nature and he can put this ability to use while looking for a career as it is the best way of exploring one’s talents and interests.

There is not a pinch of a doubt in the fact that a man creates his own opportunities but to do so he needs to begin from somewhere. He first needs to have a hold on small opportunities as if he keeps waiting for that one opportunity that corresponds with his passion he might never find it. He has to opt for something that may not be his passion but excites him almost equivalent to the career one is passionate about, as a man is born with a flexible nature so it is impossible for him to have just one passion all over his life.

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