Careers Counseling for Bachelors Studies in Pakistan

Bachelor is a 4 years’ degree program but it is one of the most critical educational programs in deciding the future of any individual. It is considered to be last stage in the educational life of a student. After studying for 12 rigorous years and passing out two board exams on annual basis from last 4 years, a student finally reaches the level of a higher education degree from any of the university across the world. Bachelor degree is also known as undergraduate program which is followed by graduate and postgraduate program which are termed as Master / M. Phil and PhD programs. Although, Bachelor program is also equivalent to Master program in most of the cases. It is considered to be critical degree as at the end of this degree, an individual is 16 years qualified which is a pre-requisite of most of the jobs.

Selecting an appropriate Bachelor program is also a dependent decision in our society. Students are generally adhered to the views of their family and peers again. The system of education in Pakistan is such that even after studying a particular field at intermediate level, one has multiple options to choose from Bachelor degrees. For instance, a student who has studied F. Sc. Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medical can opt Bachelors in Business Administration program and if he/she meets the criterion, they will be able to acquire an admission. Contrary to that. F. Sc. Pre-Medical student shall only be able to apply for medical programs and if he/she is not able to secure an admission in MBBS program, there are other options too, such as, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and even language degrees of Biology, Biotechnology, Physics and Chemistry.

Career Counseling for becoming Computer Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Engineering Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Law Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Media Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Medical Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Teaching Professional

This is where the role of career counseling comes and is advocated by the intellectuals of our society. These career counselors will advise, help and facilitate the students in selecting an appropriate educational program. Most often, it is observed that students are not aware of their interests, passions and desires rather they take a decision forced by their families or enroll themselves in a program which they are not well aware. An example could be quoted of admission offices that various universities have, they now have separate career counselors who discuss with students their desires, interests and future goals and then advise them an appropriate educational program. These career counselors are doing a great job in the lives of students as this can help them in landing into a profession where the individuals can progress to an unmatched precedent.

Recently, a lot of work is being done on knowing oneself with the name of emotional intelligence, knowing yourself and many other trainings and seminars by universities and private sector organizations. Ultimate aim of these seminars and trainings is to help the individuals in realizing what their actual passion is so that they can pursue their careers in those fields. Interests and passions are already existing within oneself but they are just unable to realize them, hence, they fell prey to others choices. Once these are known, same individuals can turn the tables and then sky is the limit for them. For instance, if a student knows that his passion is to speak with people and involve himself in public speaking and meeting new people, then he should go for the degree of journalism or pursue a marketing career. Otherwise, he could have landed into medical profession or engineering profession in which he could have done well due to his intelligence but would have been unable to live a happy and comfortable life.

Moreover, students who are interested in any particular field that is new or unique in its way, such as, media, photography or writing can face a lot of barriers from others. They often feel a statement of what is the scope of such profession and what will you do in that life. On the other end, career counselors and motivational speakers are of the view with examples on its backing that even if there is less scope, individuals who pursue their passion are able to live a comfortable life and as far as finances are concerned, they can earn more than others because they are pursuing their passion while others perform jobs.

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