Career problems of an entrepreneur

The journey and hardships of launching a new business is hard to explain to those who have not done it. Because most of them won’t be able to understand the devotion, passion and commitment required to convert an idea that existed only in the mind of a person into a tangible reality. In fact, many people consider the problems of an entrepreneur baseless and some think that an entrepreneur does just nothing.

One of the reasons that explain this carefree behavior of people to an entrepreneur explains that the people act like this because all they care about is the outcome of the business. The first question that is asked by people to an entrepreneur is how much would u make from this business or how much have your earned from this business so far.

These questions when asked in the beginning months of a new business sometime leads an entrepreneur to disappointment and hopelessness because it generates a feeling that none is interested in his hard work and effort that he has put in the business, no one can see what problems and obstacles he faced and how he manages to find a solution for these, they are simply considering it a failed business just because it could not produce a hefty outcome in its initial months.

A person when plan to launch a new business he looks for an advice that can help him in launching a new business. They are often advised to how-to guides but the problem is that the guides available to an entrepreneur are generic and obscure. Most of the how-to guides are written in a way that they tell a reader to believe in themselves and convert their ideas into reality but they lack content which helps an individual to understand the basic concepts of starting a business e.g. goal settings and resource and time management.

This problem of can be solved if a person instead of relying on a how-to guide for guidance try to approach the mentors and the founders because a person who has first handedly experienced the journey of initiating a business can guide you the best and they can provide you for the solution of the specific problems faced by you rather than giving you a generic advice which is just not enough for a person going to start a new business.

The society on the social circle of an entrepreneur on the other hand put a lot of pressure on him as they only focus on the beginning and end and not on the journey of the entrepreneur. Negating the fact the lessons and messages are not in the beginning or the end but in the journey, it is like reading first chapter of the book and jumping to the last chapter or watching only first and last scene of the movie skipping through all the details that an entrepreneur had to go through in his journey.

 For example when business details of Mark Zuckerberg  are given the only thing people talk about is that he is founder of the world largest social networking site which now connects multibillion people of the world and does not talk about his failures and hardships in getting their as it is only beginning and end that matters to the people.

The business community should encourage the founders to tell their stories of achieving success but many people does not find the idea appealing as they are not ready to share their failures and mistakes with the world.

The founders who are doing well in the business need to embrace their failures and flaws and share it with the people trying to start a business as it will not jeopardize their business and reputation but will become a source of learning and guidance for the one struggling to start a new business.

Starting something from a scratch is much difficult than it seems and a person doing so needs encouragement and appreciation because facing criticism in the beginning of the journey is hard and often leads an individual to quit his efforts and destroys his interest of starting a new business.

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