Career problems of a young lawyer

The profession of law is one of the oldest and the most honourable profession in the world the history of it dates back to 3000 BC it travelled from Babylonian laws to court of chanceries and from there to the courts of today.

It is the field that has a history of standing for rights of others. It is the field due to which the great charter Magna Carta was produced which was the first step towards the granting rights to the people.

However profession of law is losing its honorability especially in the third world country like Pakistan as the field is not facilitated according to the requirements of the person who has opted law as a career.

At first the person who has to study law has to choose a five year course after intermediate and a three years course after graduation both the courses are based on theoretical knowledge only that is why when an individual enter the world of legal practice after passing from the university it takes him at least two to three years in the learning process and almost ninety percent of the young lawyers does not have any earning from their practice for first five to six years.

A legal practitioner who has just entered the profession ends with no earning at all because of his lack of practical knowledge and the ability to interpret the law. There are only one or two institutions of law in which practical training is involved but that is also limited one or two mock trials and moots which is far lesser than the practical experience required by a lawyer.

Moreover a young lawyer who joins  a firm in order to learn from him left unlearned for years as it is a profession where seniors does not want the juniors to take their seats ever in fact instead of learning the young associate is used for the political gains of senior as the years long election campaigns in the professional field never comes to end.

In the result the young lawyer who joins a law firm for the purpose of learning the legal tactics and jargon ends up learning nothing beyond taking adjournments in courts for years.

Moreover the big fish in the field takes up all the swallows most of the cases with nothing left in hand of young lawyers to work upon.

However the career problems of young lawyers can be solved if the bar association of Pakistan and other provisional association sit together to look for a solution for their problems. They first need to focus on the learning and training of the young lawyer for which they need to review the syllabus and curriculum being followed in the institution offering a degree in law and make required alteration as the same syllabus is being followed for years. The fact that law does not change is understandable but there is still a scope of revision and alteration in the syllabus being taught for the field of law.

Other than that the financial status of a young lawyer who officially joins the field at the of 23 0r 24 remains the same till he enter his 30’s the poor practitioner ends up with no income after putting his effort for almost a decade which makes him feel hopeless about his future and he sees no other choice than switching to a small job somewhere which can help him to earn a little for himself and his family.

The bar association should work on a plan to provide for the income of the young lawyers in the years of their learning process moreover the bar associations should provide the opportunities to the young lawyers to polish their skills, and a decided list of minor cases should be kept for the young lawyers only.

The noble and respectable field of law is adulterated by the rampant corruption of the major chunk the big fish of the field due to which no one other than them is getting their share of work the legal bodies need to maintain a hardcore system of check and balance on the activities of legal practitioners and provide for the opportunities for young lawyers only than the judicial system of the country can run smoothly and flawlessly.

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