Career problems of a pharmacist

The educational filed of pharmacy is not as old as other fields of education being taught in Pakistan for years. Department of Pharmacy was introduced in the year 2000 in Pakistan where only four universities initially introduced the department of Pharmacy with the curriculum designed by Higher Education Commission.

The field of pharmacy came up as good career choice for the students who had completed their intermediate in FSc pre-medical and could not pursue the education of MBBS for some reasons.

The students who got enrolled in field of Pharmacy in the year of 2000 had graduated from their respective universities by the year of 2005, many students who passed out from the universities launched pharmaceutical industries which played a significant role in providing employment to the students of pharmacy at that time.

That was the time when students of Pharmacy used to land on a good job by the time they get graduated but time passed by and with increasing number of students graduating in the field of pharmacy the job opportunities begins to vanish.

The number of universities offering the department of Pharmacy reached the number of fifty three from four in the short span of three years. That was the time when the pharmacists began to look for a job outside the country. In the period from 2005 to 2008 seventy percent of the students graduated in the field of pharmacy were hired abroad specially in countries of UK, Canada and Middle East.

The pharmacists of that time were provided good opportunities. They were employed both in government and private sectors with an impressive lucrative packages but the shine of the profession of pharmacy begins to fade away after the year of 2010.

Where pharmacist after completing a degree of four years lands up with a job which hardly pays them with fifteen to twenty thousand per month which is just a little more than the minimum wage decided by the government.

However there are job opportunities provided to the students of pharmacy by the government but the jobs provides them with very less of income and only a few number of pharmacists are provided with a government jobs, the jobs are apparently decided on the basis of merit but like all others field corruption is rampant in this part of the government as well where bribery and nepotism weighs more than the qualifications and merit when it comes to hiring someone for a job.

The kinds of jobs which are provided to the pharmacist by the government includes Hospital Pharmacist in Government Teaching hospitals, drug inspectors, drug regulatory authority of Pakistan, Forensic scientists, Drug testing Laboratories, World health organization etc

The jobs provided by the government provide one with the future job security but these jobs are very competitive and it accommodates only a few while thousands are waiting in line for employment.

The jobs offered to a pharmacist in private sector provides them with a little better salary package than the one in public sector but the job provides them with no future job security these jobs include employment in Pharmaceutical industry, Retail or community pharmacy, distribution setup, sales and marketing, hospital pharmacists at private hospital, Instructor at Institute training Category B candidates, NGOs, cosmetic industry, training centers etc.

However the opportunities are dying rapidly for the young pharmacists in the country, the only student who are surviving are those who have a degree of higher education along with the basic degree of B.Pharmacy, the job opportunities are still available for the students outside the country but it is difficult for many students to meet the expenses of getting settled in another country  moreover the female students are usually not allowed by the family members to get settled in another country alone, the government of Pakistan should increase the number of scholarships of higher education in the field of pharmacy and also take measure in creating job opportunities for the pharmacists as it is really unfair to a student spending lacs on his education only to earn a few thousands in the end.



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