Career Counselling for Intermediate Students in Pakistan

Career Counseling is one of the neglected aspects in our society but it is extremely important for students. It not helps them in choosing a right path but facilitates them in improving their thought process. Students in Pakistan generally opt for a program in which their parents and family wants them to enter. The choices are not free from any pressure and are not taken in independent capacity at all. However, the worldwide research indicates that students who choose an educational avenue of their own choice are the ones that progress more. In fact, they also are more satisfied and comfortable with their future lives. The reasons of such results is that students are interested and passionate towards their choices. Students who select other programs on the choices of others are studying in a position of compulsion and are not looking to excel in their particular professions.

As far as intermediate students are concerned, they require career counseling at two most important stages. One is at the time of starting an intermediate program and second at the time of selecting an appropriate bachelor program. Various intermediate programs that are available range from Medical, Engineering, Commerce, Computer to Arts programs. The most commonly opted programs are F. Sc. Pre-Medical and F. Sc. Pre-Engineering, but these are also more of a compulsion rather than own choice. Most of the families wish their children to be either doctors or engineers. Whereas, students who don’t qualify for these programs as per their matriculation results end up in I. Com, ICS and F.A. However, there is still a great number of students that take these decisions on their own but that is due to schools and family’s upbringing.

Let us first provide a solution to those students who are stuck in the problem of selecting an appropriate intermediate program. Students who are interested in sciences subjects with special focus towards biology should opt a medical program. However, these students shall also have an attitude of service because as doctors, one comes across a situation of continuous service to the patients. Moving further, if one is very good with physics and mathematics then those students have two options rather to go for a computer sciences program or an engineering program. Now it matters to the passion and interest game, what fascinates the most; becoming an engineer or becoming a computer professional. If engineering fascinates then one should opt F. Sc. Pre-Engineering otherwise, they shall opt ICS with Physics.

Career Counseling for FA Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for FSc Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for ICS Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for ICom Students in Pakistan

Students interested in computer sciences and who has a decent performance in mathematics subjects can go for ICS program but for ICS with Statistics. Furthermore, students who are neither interested in science subjects nor in computer sciences, have two options; I. Com and F.A. Students who want to study commerce can select I. Com and become a business professional. Those students who are unclear regarding their interests shall idealize their futures first that what they want to become in their lives. Once it is decided one can then opt a relevant program and in such cases, F.A. can be the best selection. The program of F.A. gives variety of options to study at university levels and has numerous groups from which optional subjects can be selected.

Once these two years’ intermediate program at various colleges are completed, the next key decision which these students have to take is selection of an appropriate higher education program. A 4 years Bachelor program has to be selected which matches with intermediate qualification and facilitates in setting up of professional career. Universities in this regard have a flexible criterion, for instance, if a student comes to know that engineering is probably not his ball game after studying it for two years in intermediate, he/she can still go for any other professional degree including BBA, B. Com, BS Mass Communication or even Law degree.

In most of the cases, students need to adopt a similar degree if they really want to excel their careers. F. Sc. Pre-Medical shall be followed by MBBS, however, if any student is unable to get themselves enrolled in it then they can go for any other branches of medical education as well. Such as, Physiotherapy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Allied Health Sciences. Multiple engineering and computing programs are available for graduates of F. Sc. Pre-Engineering. ICS, I. Com and F.A. are one of those intermediate programs that have variety of options available after them, such as, Business, Mass Communication, Commerce, Law, Languages, Computer Sciences etc.

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