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Pakistan is a country of billions of people with diverse social and cultural backgrounds. It means that there are millions of students studying across various institutions in the country. However, selecting an educational degree is dependent on the family, peers and other stakeholders pressure. A student is least expected to take decision on his own. The system of selecting an appropriate educational program is often compromised because students lack information regarding various programs. The same problem also exists in western countries but these situations are rescued by career counselors. Career Counseling is a complete profession these days in which help students in knowing and understanding oneself for choosing an appropriate career, educational program and other life decisions.

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Career is not only selecting an appropriate profession or educational degree; it is more related to the development of oneself. It is often asked that what is the appropriate age to get career counseling but the answer to that question is not a simple one. No age is correct and similarly no age is incorrect for career counseling. The field of career counseling itself has taken various shapes, such as, student counselors, medical counselors, life counselors etc. Talking of the local culture in Pakistan, students of class 9th and 10th are the ones who will be most benefitted by career counseling. The profession of career counseling has also taken a huge step forward. Career counselors are well paid and have good social capital owing to the need of their profession.

On the other end, students at each and every level require career counseling. It is not only matric students of class 9th and 10th but intermediate and university students also require it in the same manner. Each and every has its own aspects and brings a new challenge for the students, hence, they need to decide wisely on which educational program they want to pursue. These decisions can be as instrumental as defining one’s entire 30-40 years of future life. Approximately 90% of the people pursue those professions in which they have university degree. As far as university degree is concerned, it is closely associated with intermediate education acquired. The current educational system in Pakistan still allows students from diverse backgrounds to choose various degrees at university level, however, a related degree is far more helpful.

Career Counseling for Matriculation Students

Matriculation students have to make a choice of selecting an appropriate academic program offered at intermediate level. Most often it is perceived that matriculation students have to decide an appropriate educational program but more importantly, students have to make a decision prior to that. Whether students have to pursue matric in science or art subjects is another important decision. Most of the times, the stigma associated with arts subjects is that students will not have long term decent careers with it. Another notion is that students who are unable to perform well choose arts subjects for completing matriculation level. Sciences subjects are always given an esteemed value and is given first choice without any thought process.

Sciences and Arts both educational avenues have a long list of career options which are unknown to students. Career counseling centers in various schools or in professional capacity are not seen, hence, there is a gap for school students. The career counseling institutes or centers in schools will help in facilitating the students so that they can be informed. This information will help students in first overseeing both options, thinking on the possible outcomes and then making a decision.

Career Counseling for Intermediate Students

Intermediate level opens up a new educational front for the students as it has a vast range of options including Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, Commerce, Computer and Arts. Students have a variety of educational avenues depending upon their interest and desires, however, the first choice again is Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical. The educational choices are even gender based as most of the female students have an aim of becoming doctor, whereas, male students are encouraged to become engineers. The missing link is again the lack of career counseling. If the students are counseled in an appropriate manner, they will be able to choose a degree of their own choice.

All of the intermediate degrees ensure a successful professional career along with appropriate leading university degrees. Each and every intermediate degree has a future associated to it. The most commonly known are Medical and Engineering Programs which are easily understandable from their names too. Students can go onto become doctors and acquire specializations in various fields of medical sciences. Engineering has a vast variety including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and petroleum engineering. But other programs, such as, I. Com can help in becoming business professionals, ICS ensures landing into computer sciences field and lastly, F.A, the arts degree has also variety of opportunities available for the students.

Career Counseling for Bachelor Students

Higher education in Pakistan is the one sector which has seen a rapid transformation over the past one decade. Despite the development in higher education which is known as university education, students still choose a program on which they are not sure. Some of the students still exists who choose a university degree on their own choice as per their interest and desire. Career counseling centers are also established by many of the universities which promotes a feeling of thinking in one’s inner self. This helps in assessing all the available programs and choose one which is closer to one’s own intentions. These career counseling centers not only help students in choosing an appropriate degree but also realizing the interests of oneself.

Students or individuals in generally are not aware of the fact that what their real interests are so these counseling centers also help in that regard. University education is quite broad as it has different levels including Bachelor, Master, M. Phil and PhD programs. The Bachelor and Master students need a different counseling. While making a choice at Bachelor’s level, intermediate education and interests are given priority. Although, students choosing Master’s level need to realize their professional avenues so that they can make an appropriate decision.

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