Career Counseling for Matric Students in Pakistan

Career Counseling is art of motivating and guiding students for choosing an appropriate educational program. Once students are able to pass first eight classes, the first choice that students have is opting for science subjects and arts subjects. The two of these options are available for pursing education in 9th and 10th classes respectively. Students at this level not only have the choice to opt either science or art subjects but they also have to decide on selecting an appropriate intermediate qualification. Once students are able to complete 10 classes successfully, they are eligible to progress to the next level. A student passing out of 10th grade is said to be successfully in acquiring matriculation qualification. The level of matriculation is also termed as Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

All the students need not to worry as we aim to facilitate students in choosing an appropriate educational program. Let us first examine that what are the particular options while studying matric, such as, sciences and arts subjects. As far as sciences subjects are concerned, they are generally known by majority of the people as more than 90% of students opt science subjects. In fact, all intermediate programs are available for the students who are able to qualify matriculation exams. Hence, more important are arts subjects, students need to understand the situation that life doesn’t ends if someone completes matriculation in arts subjects. The various professions which are still available for the students are such as, becoming business professionals, accountants, journalists, and artists etc. There may be many other professions as well but these are the ones generally known by masses.

In addition to that, students then have a far bigger choice of selecting an appropriate intermediate program. The widely opted and known programs are F. Sc. Pre-Medical and F. Sc. Pre-Engineering. Both of the programs have a very transparent future with medical students going into the medical profession with mostly opting an MBBS degree. On the other end, engineering students go towards various specializations of engineering offered by various universities across the country. In order to give a clearer picture, students can end up becoming civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, software engineers and petroleum engineers. As far as other programs are concerned including I. Com, ICS and F.A, the entire future is blur and unclear for the students to make a choice.

Career Counseling for FA Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for FSc Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for ICS Students in Pakistan
Career Counseling for ICom Students in Pakistan

Not all successful students can become engineers or doctors and neither all of them have their interest towards those professions. Hence, they need to look at the other available options. Let us discuss each of the option with a possible future destiny to ease the decision making of students. Ones who are very good in mathematics, statistics or economics and like to work in a business environment or plan to become businessmen in futures can go for a I. Com degree. The program of I. Com revolves around commerce subjects with giving a blend of some of the latest trends, such as, what is happening in business environment, teaching about the marketing strategies and a little bit of more contemporary knowledge. Although, it is much focused on accounting subjects.

The successful completion of I. Com can help one in landing to a university degree of B. Com, BBA, BS Accounting and Finance, BS Mass Communication, BS Aviation Management and some other degrees too. This means that one can become a professional accountant, business professional, join media industry and can be an aviator too with pursuing the flying profession. All of these are successful careers with having a secured future and continuous growth. Moving further to the program of ICS, it is for those students who are interested in computer sciences field. ICS is available with two options, one with statistics and other with physics.

Both programs are identical with only one change in optional subject of either Physics or Statistics. Students who are able to successfully complete ICS are then eligible to apply for various computer sciences degrees. ICS graduates can end up becoming software engineers, web developers, application developers, graphic designers and join the teaching profession too. Another interesting element for ICS students are that due to digitalization along the globe, the need of software houses and freelancing has increased. This means that ICS students with an appropriate computer sciences degree can also become businessmen of tomorrow.

Lastly, moving onto F.A, students feel that this is the most neglected program and ones who don’t get an admission into any other program are admitted into this. Stigma associated with this program is being carried forward for centuries but it is entirely a false perception. F.A program has 10-12 different subject options with having subjects, such as, Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. Some of the F.A. students also end up passing the same level of mathematics exam which any other intermediate program passes. There is a huge potential as far as professions after F.A. are concerned. Other than engineering, medical and computer sciences program, students can land into any professional degree which can earn them a successful career.

For any further information related to the programs, institutes and career counseling across Pakistan, we advise all students to reach out to us. In addition to that, keep exploring our website for any further details.

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